Will Race 3 Negative Public Review Is A Plus Point For Sanju?

Race 3 Vs Sanju
Race 3 Vs Sanju

Race 3 and Sanju are two big release of the year. Both the movie has their release date with a little gap of two weeks. It was clear from the starting that if both the movie will have good content, they will eat each others business. So Race 3 came out this weekend on EID. The movie got the mixed review from the audience.

Some liked it immensely especially Salman Khan fans but some bashed out at the movie storyline. You can see on social media How people are reacting to the movie after coming out of the theatre. Race 3 did not even get a single positive review from a single critic.

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Race 3 got excellent opening because of the presence of Superstar Salman Khan. But to sustain the movie for more than a week, the movie must be content driven. That is something which is favouring Sanju. Sanju is going to release on 29th June. If the Race 3 will be out of single screen theatre after two weeks, it will be a win-win situation for Sanju.

Today is Monday and as per reports Race 3 dropped heavily both at multiplexes and single screen theatre. If it will continue, it will be difficult to sustain the movie over weekdays.

The Promo dialogues of Sanju are getting the excellent response. Ranbir Kapoor is shining in every promo as he is delivering great performance in the shoes of Sanjay Dutt. Sanju is trending all over the social media. So the public is dying to watch this movie and if the movie will get open ground in front of, it will get the wider release.

Well, this is not a good sign for the Industry as one big event films got the negative response. And it will not do big business as per expectation.

Did you watch Race 3 in theatre?

Your positive or negative response, share in the comment section.

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