What is the Best way to become a movie director with best strategy

Rajkumar hirani on pk set
Rajkumar hirani on pk set

Best way to become a movie director.If you want to be a movie director then you must have some quality or I would say you must like these thing. If you are not good things at these things but you like these things you can improve them .Because if you like something to do then you  can spend hours and hours to that . it happens organically -if you like something you will do that  thing every day ,every hour ,every minute and every second .That thing keeps running in your mind all the time .

you have listen it many times from the successful people from different field that they work for 20 hours .Actually they do not . But they do think about their work all the time even in sleep.

That is why I am saying If you do not have the quality of director ,you must like these things . so you can think about this all the time in your mind . And if you will think about all these things all the time you will automatically improve these things.

So lets first discuss about the quality you must possess if you want to be a director-

you must be a very good  story teller

if you want to be a good director ,you must be a very good story teller . But how you will come to know that you are good or bad when it comes to story telling .

while telling the story ,how much you can engage your audience .you can tell story to your friends and notice on your own ,Is he or she want to know more and more about what you are telling .

if he or she want to know more about the story ,if he or she keeps asking about that incident .It means you are a good story teller ,you are able to engage the audience .

This is something you must enhance every day .

In theatre if you are not able to engage the audience with story for 3 hours ,its the failure of director.

You must have good management skills

For a director management skill is very important .Managing 200-300 people on the set and bring out best from them is the part of management .

You must  possess almost all skills of film making

It means you should know camera work ,lightening work , Editing work and all other technical aspect .  Why so ??

why you should know all these things ??

you are a director and you are hiring these people to do their work whether its camera person or editor or any technician .

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Because if you do not know their work ,you cant take best out from them . you will not even able to tell them what exactly you want .

i can give you examples of so many director who are master in every field of film making and that is why they are great director.

of course they dont all these things but they know all aspects of film making .

James cameron ,Rajkumar Hirani ,Sanjay Leel Bhansali and many more .

These are the skill you must possess to some extent , no body is master of anything till death but if some one like something and do it again and again ,if he will be best in that field for sure.

Now comes to the strategy which you should approach to be a good director

Best strategy to be a good director

If you want to be director in Bollywood and you are not a graduate ,you dont have pressure from your parents of earning and if your parents are allowingto full fill your dream then follow this strategy-

1 .Go to film school and learn basics of film making

2 .when you are in film school dont focus mmuch on theory part ,every day do some practical work .

3 . shoot short films ,with every next short film try to improve your skill of story telling ,editing ,background score and many more aspect . Do analyse it . so it your friend ,teacher and ask for their genuine feedback.

4 . once you completed your film school ,you must have at least one good short film in your hand which you can show to others as your work . that is why I said improve your skill with every short film . So you can have est work in your hand at the end of the course .One is more than enough ,people do not have time to see 2-3 short films. They just check with one film .

5. Go to mumbai and try to get assistant director job anywhere . Dont be stick to any production house ,if some body offering you any other work you can go for it

why any work you should accept if you do not AD job .

observation is the best teacher . You will learn so much on the set which you did not learn in film school . you can observe film director ,camera person ,actor and every one on the set .

Then slowly slowly you will build up contact .

Dont be in hurry to approach director.

Never discuss about your dream of be an director on the set . These are the things you can discuss after the shooting or some where else .

whatever job you get on the set ,do it in a best way then only people will notice .

Be energetic all the time .

you have to create you friend circle.

and then slowly slowly you will come to know how to approach any one on the set .

As I said Observation is the best teacher .Observe as much as you can and do your best on the set .

Be hungry for the work on the set .

Once you will be well known person the set you can pitch your work in front of right person at the right time

Director journey is very long .It can take many years to do a film as a director for a outsider .So be patient .

That is why I said ,you must like these things then only you can spend so many years and you can learn .

But for some one who is working or completed his or her graduation in some other field ,dont have time to go to film school. what he should do .

No need to go to film school ,Go to mumbai and join any theater .They hardly take 2-3k per month . You will learn so many things in theater and it will help you to build up contacts .

Try to get any work on the set which you will get through contacts only .

Keep trying to get work on the set ,No need to get work on the film set ,you can get work of Tv serial set .

If you are fortunate enough you will get work on the film set directly .

All these things happens through contact . Contact does not mean film director or nay big person in the industry .

here contact means your friend circle .

200-300 people on the set are  common people only who do normal work .

They can help you to get any job on the set.

Once you get work on the set ,you can follow the same things which I mentioned for the people who have enough age and did not graduate .

just follow that ,any how  you can learn by observation if you really Interested in this field .

I hope It will help you and you will be good and successful director in the future.

wish you all the best 

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