Want To Be An Actor? Here Is The Process Of The Biggest Casting Company Of Bollywood

Mukesh-Chhabra Casting Agency
Mukesh-Chhabra Casting Agency

To be an actor is the dreams of millions of people. There was a time when it was a profession in which the limited number of people were interested. People were more interested to be an engineer and doctor. But nowadays the best profession of all time Engineers and doctor wants to be an actor. The most important step to be an actor is casting for a movie.

So what is the process of approaching this profession?

Well, If you are not from Mumbai it was very difficult to understand and people used to come to Mumbai and spent some years to understand and connect with people from Industry. The casting was not a separate department. Director and Assistant director used to cast the actors. Meeting used to happens at coffee shops or at home. That is why casting couch was at the peak in the past. It is still there but now things become quite better as compare to 80s 90s.

Now casting become a separate department. So many Casting companies exist in Bollywood. One of the biggest and most busy companies of the Bollywood is Mukesh Chhabra’s casting company. He is the man who did casing for so many successful films in short span of seven years. He did casting for PK, Sanju, Bajarangi Bhai Jaan, Kai Po Che, Gangs Of wassepur and many more.

Lots of Big Project are lined up like 1983 World Cup, Bharat, Anurag Basu next and his own directorial venture. Here is the video in which he explains the process of casting in his company. Rajeev Masand a well-known film critic visited his office and asked him the process of casting in details.

During the interview, Mukesh made it very clear that we do everything in front of the camera. Either we take audition or we arrange meeting everything happens in the office. We never spoke to anyone after 8 in the night and we never arrange any meeting with anyone outside office unless he is a well-known director or a producer.

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Asking about the casting couch he said- It is a very sensitive issue. You never know what is going on in the mind g person you are talking. SO you have to be very careful. You can not to it for money as crores of money involved in the projects. So you can not risk hundreds of crores for casting couch. I am very cautious about this sensitive issue in my office. I only cast the talented actor who fits the role. Here is the full video of Mukesh Chhabra with Rajeev Masand.

So If you want to be an actor. Just go to Mumbai and give your audition and keep working hard to improve your acting skills.

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What do you think about casting process in Bollywood?

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