Salman khan is going to complete triple century with Tiger Zinda Hai.

Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai

Salman khan the biggest superstar of the country after a debacle Tubelight is going to complete triple century with Tiger Zinda hai .you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

Tiger Zinda hai is rocking the boxoffice since the date of its release .It crossed 100  crore in first weekend (third salman khan movie to earn 100 cr in 3 days after Bajarangi Bhaijan and Sultan). It crossed 200 cr in the 2nd weekend after 9 days .Now the way its going ,its seems very easy to enter in 300 cr club. Movie is rocking in its 2nd week and it seems it will cross 300 cr by the end of the third week.

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Its a good news for salman khan after the failure of Tubelight .Tubelight did a business of 125cr which is far below its expectation. In todays time 100cr movie is not considered a hit film for superstar like salman khan . Tiger Zinda hai crossed 100cr in 3 days only and it crossed 200 cr mars in its first week.

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

The movie is sustaining really well .Ali abaas zafar again proved his story telling .In action thriller ,the most thing is to engage the audience with the story .Ali baas zafar did that really well be it Tiger Zinda Hai or Sultan.A part from good writer and director ,he is also a good story teller.

The movie has more mass appeal.As the movie collected from both urban and rural area during the first week. But his movie will sustain in single screen theater for long time .That will help the movie to collect big number.

In the fifth week padmavat and padman will reach in theater ,so Tiger Zinda Hai only 2 weeks to collect big number .After 4 weeks there are chances that Tiger Zinda hai will be out of theater.

It will be interesting to see how far Tiger Zinda Hai will go ! share your opinion in the comment section .

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

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