TOP 3 All Time Bollywood Stars in terms of Box Office : Salman Khan Tops the List

SRK-Aamir-Salman Bollywood Tower
SRK-Aamir-Salman Bollywood Tower

Bollywood had many big stars over the years . Superstar like Dillip Kumar , Rajesh Khanna , Amitabh Bachchan , Dharmendra gave many big hits in their time . In the recent time superstar like Sharukh khan , salman khan , Aamir khan , Akshay Kumar , Ajay Devgan are ruling the box office since last two decades . These are some big names which have many records on their name . They all are associated with some classical film of all time in the hindi film industry.TOP 3 All Time Bollywood Stars

When it comes to box office all are commercially successful star . In fact a commercial successful film helps its lead actor to get the star status .

Here we are calculating TOP 10 highest grossing films of all the stars .

In TOP 3 All Time Bollywood Stars in terms of Box Office , salman khan tops the list . These are the box office collection which are adjusted with current ticket price . After the final collection of TIger Zinda Hai he has a total of 3200 crores for his top ten grosser .It gives him an average of 320 crores which is much ahead from all the stars in the list .

Sharukh Khan booked the second spot with an average of 275 crores for his top ten grosser . Sharukh khan has more hits movies after mid nineties and early twenties.

Aaamir Khan booked the number three spot with an average of 263 crores for his top ten grosser . If we talk about the current scenario Aamir could even pass salman khan with a big margin  in terms of  a single film collection. His movies are touching magical figure in the recent times . But if we include top 10 highest grosser , he booked the third spot .

Hrithik Roshan at number four spot with an average of 195 crore nett followed by Ajay Devgan (163 crore nett) and Akshay Kumar (152 crore nett).

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It seems this scenario is not going to change for at least five years especially for salman khan and Aamir khan . Sharukh khan will also be in top list as he had some big hits in the past . Actually he ruled for 12-15 years one sided . These movies will always be counted and helped him to be in top 3 list .

salman khan and sharukh khan will celebrate silver Jubilee(25 hits) soon. Its a big achievement for any actor to have 25 big hits in their career . Akshay kumar and Ajay Devgan also has more than 20 hits but thier big hits are not as big as Salman and sharukh .

Aamir khan has less than 20 hits as he does less films . He does not even release one film a year . Some time he takes 3 years for a film like he did for Dangal . For him it seems difficult to get 25 hits in his life time . But he will do another 7-8 films he will achieve it as he only do hits film now a days . Chances of failure for Aamir khan are almost nill.

what you think about TOP 3 All Time Bollywood Stars in terms of Box office collection ?

Do you think salman khan and Sharukh Khan are the top star of all time in terms of super hit films ?

Do you think Aamir should do more film as an actor to deliver more hits ?

share your opinion in the comment section .

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