Soorma and Ant Man Second Tuesday Collection: 12 Days Box Office Collection

Soorma and Ant Man Second Sunday Collection 10 Days Box Office Collection
Soorma and Ant Man Second Sunday Collection 10 Days Box Office Collection

Soorma dropped further on its second Tuesday. The movie collected 70 Lakhs on its 12th Day which takes its total to 25.10 crores. The movie is looking for a lifetime run around 27-28 crores. Its sad for Soorma despite getting positive word of mouth, movie unable to do good business. Sometimes it happens because of the star cast as well. In Soorma if something went against the movie, it is only the star cast which failed to appeal to the audience. Otherwise, Soorma is a very good movie which has the potential to do 50 crores plus business in India alone.

Below is the Day-wise Box Office collection of Soorma. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Friday- 4.5 Crores

Saturday- 5.5 Crores

Sunday- 6.2 Crores

First Weekend- 16.2 Cr ( 3 Days)

Monday- 1.3 Crores

Tuesday- 1.2 Crores

Wednesday- 1.3 Crores

Thursday- 1.2 Crores

One Week Total- 21.2 Cr

Second Friday- 75 Lakhs

Second Saturday- 90 Lakhs

2nd Sunday – 95 Lakhs

2nd Monday- 80 Lakhs

12th Day- 70 Lakhs

Total Box Office Collection Of Soorma- 25.10 Cr ( 12 Days)(Box Office Daily Update Every Night 12:30 AM)

Ant-Man is almost at the corner to close its business in India. The movie collected 30 lakhs on its second Tuesday. Ant-Man sudden fall in its second weekend was a big surprise. As the movie was doing great in metro cities. But after the first week, the movie is continually dropping day by day. Ant-Man will close its business below 40 crores in India which is sad. As per Initial of the movie, it was expected to cross 50 crores.

Below is the day-wise box office collection of Ant-Man. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Friday-  5 Crores

Saturday- 6.9 Crores

Sunday-  8.5 Crores

First Weekend Total- 20.4 Crores

Monday- 3.5 Crores

Tuesday- 3.1 Crores

Wednesday- 3 Crores

Thursday- 2.5 Crores

First Week Total- 32.5 Crores

Second Friday- 2 Crores

Second Saturday- 1.2 Crores

2nd Sunday- 95 Lakhs

2nd Monday- 40 lakhs

12th Day- 30 Lakhs

Total Box Office Collection- 37.35 Cr (12 Days).

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