Satyameva Jayate Daily Box Office Collection Update: 13 Days Box Office Collection

Satyameva Jayate Movie featuring John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee
Satyameva Jayate Movie featuring John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee

Satyameva Jayate is the second big release on this Independence day after Gold. The movie got mix response from the public. But the movie has the mass appeal and it is performing extremely good in the mass centres. The has already proved to be a hit in its first week itself with a huge collection of approx 71 crores. Satyameva Jayate starring John Abraham and Manoj Bajpayee in the lead role. The movie is a full action packed movie but the violence is a kind of its negative point as a certain audience did not like the burning of live cops over and over again in the movie. The movie was strictly not recommended for the children because of its level of violence.

Below is the day-wise Box office collection of Gold. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

First Day 18.20 Crores
Second Day 10 Crores
Third Day 7.5 Crores
Fourth Day 10.5 Crores
Fifth Day 11.5 Crores
First Weekend 57.20 Crores
Sixth Day 3.20 Crores
Seventh Day 3  Crores
Eight Day 3.5 Crores 
Ninth Day 4 Crores
First Week Total 70.9 Crores
Tenth Day 2 Crores
Eleven Day 2.8 Crores
Twelve Day 3.3 Crores
Second Weekend Total 8.10 Crores
Thirteen Day 90 Lakhs (estimate)
Total Box Office Collection 78.70 Crores (12 Days)

Satyameva Jayate Budget: The movie is made on a budget of 40 Crores with the additional cost of 12 crores for promotion and printing.

Movie Production Cost: 40 Crores

Movie Promotion Spending- 12 Crores

Total Cost for Production and Releasing- 62 Crores

Screen Count For Satyameva Jayate- The movie was released on 2200+ screens in India alone.

Have you seen Satyameva Jayate movie in the theatre? Let us know your honest review in the comment section.

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