Saroj Khan revealed shocking truth about casting couch in Hindi film industry

saroj khan on casting couch in bollywood bollywoodtower
saroj khan on casting couch in bollywood bollywoodtower

The famous choreographer saroj khan revealed some shocking truth about casting couch in hindi film industry . She was quite vocal about this matter . Everyone always try to avoid question regarding casting couch as it is very sensitive issue.

But she revealed everything without any fear .She said –

Ye chala aa rha hai baba adam ke zamane se . Har ladki ke upar koi na koi hath saaf karne ki koshiah karta hai ( its been in the industry since the beginning .everybody try to make relation with every girls).

She further added –

Govt ke log bhi karte hain ( even people in the govt do this)

saroj khan on casting couch bollywoodtower
saroj khan on casting couch bollywoodtower

Tum film industry ke piche kyn pade ho ? Woh kam se kam roti to deti hai .Rape karke chhod nhideti ( why you people blaming film industry .At least film industry give livelihood . )

Ye sab ladki pe depend karta hai ki wo kya karna chahti hai .Tum uske hath m nhi aana chahti to nhi aaogi ( it all depend on the girl what she want to do . If she does not want to do , he will never get her)

Tumhare pass art hai to tum kyn bechoge apne aap ko? Film industry ko kuch mat kehna wo hamari mai baap hai ( if you are talented then no need to sell you . Dont say anything to film industry as it is livelihood of all the artist)

saroj khan casting couch bollywoodtower
saroj khan casting couch bollywoodtower

When the news starts trending on social media . People from the industry starts reacting .

Celebrity reaction on Saroj Khan statement on casting couch

Actor sri Reddy condemned the statement by saying –

It gives a wrong message to new actress that you have to be slave of the producer .I lost respect for saroj Khan after this irresponsible statement.

sri reddy on saroj khan bollywoodtower
sri reddy on saroj khan bollywoodtower

Richa chadda defended saroj khan . She said –

Her statement was mis interprated . She meant to say it happens in every industry not only film industry . In every industry there are good people and bad people. Media people are making mountain of molehill.

richa chadda bollywoodtower
richa chadda bollywoodtower

Saroj khan later apologised for her statement.

Well whatever she said is all her long experience in film industry .people troll her on social media , support her or does not support her but its the fact of every industry.

your opinion (Public) on casting couch issue in Film Industry

What you think this casting couch does not happen around you where you work . Obviosally it is everywhere but everywhere it does not make headline .

We are still living in a hypocratic world where we avoid things happening around us and starts targetting some people .

What you think casting couch happens in every industry or not ??

Only Film idustry responsible for casting couch ?

Share your opinion in the comment section . As it is you (public) who decide everything .

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