Sanju Total Box Office Collection Detailed Analysis: Why Movie Missed The Top Spot In The List Of The Biggest Grosser Of All Time

Sanju Movie lifetime collection
Sanju Movie lifetime collection

Sanju finished its lifetime run at Indian Box Office with a massive collection of 337.50 Crores. The movie just beat the lifetime Collection of PK by 0.5 crores and missed the lifetime total of Tiger Zinda Hai by 1.5 crores at the domestic market. Well, beating PK and missing the collection of Tiger Zinda Hai is just a luck factor as all the three movie’s collections have a margin of 1-3 crores. So you can not analyse why the movie collected 1 cr. less or more than other when the collections are huge like 300 crores plus. But the movie missed the first spot in the list of Biggest grosser of all time by a huge margin of almost 40 crores. Dangal collected 375 crores nett in India alone.

What might be the reason to miss the lifetime collection of Dangal despite falling everything in the right place? The hype of the movie was unprecedented, the trailer created an unbelievable curiosity among the Indian audience as it had some catchy dialogues which were also true as it is based on the life of Sanjay Dutt. As per analysis on social media, the dialogue of “Sanju had more than 300 girlfriends in his lifetime” was the most discussed dialogue among the Indian audience. The opening of the movie was superb and the reviews were also positive.

When the movie opened with a bang and sustained well in its first week, trade experts were expecting to cross not even Dangal but also the mark of 400 crores at the domestic market. Then what went wrong with the movie? Here are some reasons which made this Raju Hirani movie the third biggest grosser of all time in spite of the biggest grosser of all time.

Sanju Sixth Sunday Collection The Third Biggest Grosser Of All Time in 38 Days
Sanju Sixth Sunday Collection The Third Biggest Grosser Of All Time in 38 Days

Non Holiday period-

All the top grosser whether its Dangal, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bajarangi Bhaijaan or Sultan got the holiday release. The first two were Christmas release and the last two were EID release. But Sanju released in a non-holiday period. The movie did not get an extra holiday except Sunday which affected the business of movie at least 20-30 crores nett. EID is a big festival in India and four to five extra holidays the movie used to get in its initial run at the box office. Sanju which collected 200 crores in its first week had chances to collect 220 crores plus first week.

As it beat Sultan and Dangal first three days collection by a margin of 7-12 crores nett without any holiday. So there were high chances if the movie would have been got holiday release, it had the potential to cross 220-225 crores nett in its first week which itself enough for the movie to come close to the business of Dangal.

The Second Half of the movie

Well, the second half of the movie especially the last 20-25 minutes are very weak. It affected the movie in long run.

The negative review To whitewash the image of Sanjay Dutt

Sanju got the negative review to whitewash the image of Sanju. In almost every scene where Sanju is doing mistakes, a reason has been specified in which Sanju is portrayed as a victim. It did not receive well by a certain type of audience especially people who not only discuss but judge the movies after watching it. Almost every critic mentioned in their review which was not effective enough in the initial run as the hype of the movie was unprecedented but it proved to be a negative point in the long run.

Sanju Sixth Monday Collection 39 Days Box Office Collection
Sanju Sixth Monday Collection 39 Days Box Office Collection

Reaching of Dhadak after the third week

Dhadak was a big release which came just after the third week of Sanju. Sanju which slows down in the third week itself affected by Dhadak badly. The audience got an alternative to Sanju. Dhadak snatched the business at domestic market for two weeks.

Lack of Repeat value

When you consider all the weakness of the movie, it always affects the repeat value. The most of the audience which comes to the cinema in the fourth, fifth or six weeks is the repeated audience for the movie. The movie which does not have any repeat value used to finish their business at the end of the second or third week. So lack of repeat value affected the business of Sanju from the third week onwards otherwise Sanju crossed 300 crores marks in the third weekend itself. The movie collected only 25 crores after the third week which clearly shows the lack of repeat value for the movie.

Ranbir Kapoor Vicky Kaushal Karishma Tanna In Sanju
Ranbir Kapoor Vicky Kaushal Karishma Tanna In Sanju

Well, 337 crores is not only a good business figure for Hindi film but it is the great figure. But Sanju expected to do some more business that is why we analyse the weakness of the movie which affected 40-50 crores business in its lifetime run at Indian Box Office.

What do you think about the performance of Sanju at Indian Box Office? Let us know your honest opinion in the comment section.

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