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sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywoodtower
sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywoodtower

Bollywood had two Big release this month. One has already out in the theatre and got mix response from the audience. Another Big release Sanju will hit the theatre next week. But like any other Film Raju Hirani is doing a lot of trails for the movie to get the critical response from the people. So he can do some required changes in the movie. He did it in the past with every movie he made. Be it Munna Bhai, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiot and PK. He used to do a lot of trails before the release. One close source of Raju Hirani Films reveals the kind of Response Raju Hirani is getting from the trails of Sanju. He said-

Sanju reports are extremely positive. The movie is impressing everyone with its spiritual writing and incredible storytelling. It has everything whether its romance, drama or action. The kind of response we people are getting is as good as we got on the trails of 3 Idiots. These trails reports gave a lot of confidence to teams.

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Asked about How many trails of Sanju has been done by Raju Hirai, He said-

He is the man who is always open to criticism just before the release. He arranged all these trails to find out the weakness of the movie. He started doing before the sound part. He himself believes whatever we do, we do it for the movie. I always put my ego aside and takes everything in a positive way if a lot of people are saying the same thing.

So Will It able to do Business Like 3 Idiots Did in 2009?

I think it will do better than 3 Idiots. I think other movie had to wait for another 5 years to break the record of Sanju Just like the 3 Idiots which stands at the first spot in Biggest Hit for five years.

Well, If it happens, it will break the record of Bahubali 2 and will cross the magical figure of 500 crores at the Indian Box Office. If Raju Hirani Deliver another movie like 3 idiots, It could achieve a different milestone at the Box Office. Because now the market for Indian movie has grown. We have to wait for another 10 days to watch the movie.

What Do you think about comparing Sanju and 3 Idiots?

Does Sanju has potential to cross Bahubali 2?

Share your opinion in the comment section.

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