Sanju Movie Analysis: Raju Hirani You Need To Learn Some Basics Of Humanity Before Glorifying Sanjay Dutt Life

Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Dutt
Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Dutt

Raju Hirani is one of the top directors of Bollywood without any doubt or even you can call him the best director as he proved himself time and again with his product. His Movies like Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots were the masterpiece. PK was a good film but not the masterpiece like his last three films were as Oh My God released before it and it somewhere affected the movie as people have seen the same concept just before few months. But still it was a great effort and Aamir Khan performance was superb. Well, the movie was the biggest hit of all time when it released. As I said it was not as good as his last release and we never complain Raju for it as he is also a human being and he can not deliver Lage Raho Munnabhai every time.

Well, I said almost everything in his praise as I was also his fan before the release of Sanju. I loved watching his interview also as he always talks with sensibility. When his latest release Sanju was going to release, I have watched his interview on different media platforms.

His interview was as good as it were before but this time lied big time when I watched the movie. He promoted the movie in the absolutely ridiculous way, this is one of the cheapest styles to promote a movie as people do but this was not Raju Hirani style. This time he lied in every interview, he tried to justify in the films but he failed there also. I will take his statement from the interview he gave and I will prove him wrong. I will take every scene of your movie and will prove you wrong.

Analysis of Sanju and Raju Hirani Misinterpretation of the Sanju

Sanju is based on Sanjay Dutt real life and whatever he has done in his life has been portrayed in the movie with an emotion attached with him personally.

In the beginning of the movie, he is shooting for his first film Rocky directed by his father Sunil Dutt. He was under pressure because of Dutt Sahab’s achievement as shown in the movie. So he was not able to deliver the right shot, he was not able to focus on his work just because he is the son of the big star… I mean what crap?

Well, take his statement for granted. But then one day he fought with his father and starts taking drugs. And who was blamed for that? His father and his friend who gave him drugs.

Wahh… this is great. Every son who fought with his father starts taking drugs… right? Why I am saying this because in the end, they did not blame Sanju for this. They put the blame on his friend who gave him drugs. Just because his friends gave him drugs, so he takes it. So he is a good person. I mean what crap you are saying.

Let’s move on.. he is the man who is going to new york with his two younger sisters to meet his mother who is diagnosed with cancer. He knew that his sisters could be in trouble including him if he will bring drugs with him. But still he did and he is a good person..great.

Let’s move on.. he is the man who is enjoying in the bars with girls when his mother is in the last stage of her life and he is a good person.. great.

Let’s move on.. he slept with 350 girls including the girlfriend of his best friend. But still, he is a good person.. great.

Let’s move on..the man bought AK47 from the Underworld illegally. Now hold down, in the movie it has been shown that he bought AK47 to protect his family. And it creates sympathy with the character. But people do not know he was Sanjay Dutt who was a well-known celebrity and the son of Sunil Dutt who was MP at that time, he could buy any pistol legally to protect himself. Why he contacted directly underworld people? Because he had the connection with them before this. I mean do not try to make people fool.

I am not saying he is a terrorist but how he could be a good person who had the connection with Underworld(underworld officially took the blame of 1991 Blast) .In the movie, they gave a reason why he contacted underworld and an emotional scene how he detached himself to the Underworld.

Are you serious Mr Raju Hirani. What you think whatever you and Sanju will say is right and everyone who died in 1991 Bomb Blast is a big lie.

Well, Supreme Court convicted him in Arms Act and we also do not consider him a terrorist. But how he is a good person. During this trial, he tried to misuse government people like he contacted some politician to come out of TADA.

Well, the movie finished with a great sympathy with Sanjay Dutt that he had gone through so much in his life. But sir what about the families of the victims in 1991 blast, they also have gone through so much in their life and might be still going.

Mr Raju Hirani, a man who takes drugs, he played with the emotion of more than 300 girls,(even you admitted that he used to lie all the girls to sleep with them), who enjoyed with bar girls when his mother is in the last stage of her life, who had contacts with underworld and finally who is convicted for having illegal Arms at his house and spent six years in jail.

My simple question to you — If he is good person what is the definition of a bad person?

second- If he had gone through so much as you said then who should have gone through when he is responsible for everything.

I am asking you because in every scene you justified and blamed someone else for his mistake.

Well, I know you do not have an answer, but I have an answer for you. if a common man would have done so many crimes in his life he would not alive till now. And he would not have any Raju Hirani to tell the innocent story behind his struggle.

You are a big liar as you said in all your interviews that you did not try to glorify his life.  But you tried only one thing in the movie and that is to glorify his life.

Sanju is a very engaging film and definitely will be a hit but do not try to play with the emotion of the people. Because we also have our own brain who understand everything. You people think Indian public does not have a brain. We have and may be better than you.


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