Sanju Fifth Tuesday Collection: 33 Days Box Office Collection

Sanju Fifth Tuesday Collection 33 Days Box Office Collection
Sanju Fifth Tuesday Collection 33 Days Box Office Collection

Sanju is on a Marathon in the hope of beating PK and Tiger Zinda Hai lifetime collection. The movie still collecting in lakhs even after reducing the number of shows after MI6 and Dhadak took most of the space. Sanju added another 35 lakhs to its kitty which takes its total to very close to PK. The movie now stands at a huge total of 336.15 crores and it will be fair to say that the movie will beat PK in its sixth weekend. Sanju was a non-holiday release and did not find a single holiday while its long run.

Despite non-holiday factor the movie almost close to these Christmas release which got the benefit of Christmas and the new year holidays. It will not be fair to compare Sanju with all Christmas release. If it would have been Christmas release, there would have been high chances to even beat Dangal in its lifetime collection. Below is the day-wise Box Office collection of Sanju. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

 Friday- 33.5 Crores

Saturday- 39 Crores

Sunday- 45.5 Crores

First Weekend- 118 crores

Monday- 26 Crores

Tuesday-22 Crores

Wednesday- 19 Crores

Thursday- 17 Crores

One Week Total- 200 Crores(7 Days)

Second Friday- 15 Crores( 8th Day)

Second Saturday- 19.5 Crores (9th Day)

2nd Sunday – 26.5 crores (10th Day)

2nd  Weekend Total- 59.7 Cr

Second Monday- 12.5 crores

Second Tuesday- 9.5 Crores

2nd Wednesday- 8 Crores

2nd Thursday – 6.5 Crores

Second Week Total- 97.5 Cr

3rd Friday- 5.2 Crores

3rd Saturday- 6.8 Crores

Third Sunday- 7.5 Crores

Third Weekend Total- 19.5 Cr

3rd Monday- 3 Crores

3rd Tuesday- 2.1 Crores

Third Wednesday- 2 Crores

Third Thursday- 1.7 Crores

3rd Week Total- 28.3 Cr

Fourth Friday- 1.3 Crores

Fourth Saturday- 1.6 Crores

4th Sunday- 2.2 Crores

4th Weekend Total- 5.1 Crores

25th Day – 90 Lakhs

26th Day- 70 Lakhs

27th Day- 50 Lakhs

28th Day- 35 Lakhs

4th Week  Total- 7.55 Crores

29th Day- 25 Lakhs

30th Day- 50 Lakhs

31st Day- 1.5 Crores

Fifth Weekend Total- 2.25 Crores

32nd Day- 35 Lakhs

33 Day- 30 Lakhs

Total Box Office Collection- 336.15 Crores (33 Days) updated (Box Office Daily Update Every Night 12:30 AM)

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Have You Seen Sanju in theatre? What do you think It will be the biggest movie of this year keeping thugs Of Hindostan and in mind which are going to release on Diwali and Christmas. Let us know in the comment section.


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