Sanjay Leela Bhansali Is Going To Cast Salman OR Hrithik For His Next Movie!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali Is Going To Cast Salman OR Hrithik For His Next Movie!
Sanjay Leela Bhansali Is Going To Cast Salman OR Hrithik For His Next Movie!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is on sky high after the huge success of “Padmaavat” despite its limited release in India. The movie crossed 300 crores marks despite it did not release in four major states. After the huge success of Padmaavat, he is in no mood to take a long break. Soon he is going to announce his next directorial venture.

During the promotion of Promotion, he admitted that he already started working on his next venture. Now when the writing part of the movie is in the final stage, he confirms that he is in search of his leading man for the movie. He said-

The script of the movie is in the final stage. And depending upon the final shape of the script I am looking at one of the two actors to play the main protagonist. Salman and Hrithik, I worked with both of them in the past. “Hum Dil” and Khamoshi are very close to my heart as Khamoshi was my first film and Hum Dil was my first commercial success. So Salman is always Special to me as he worked with me when I was no one. And one more thing he will come to you when you are in your tough time. As soon as the script will finish, I will pitch it to¬†Salman. Now it’s up to him he likes it or not. I am dying to work with him.

In the recent time, Salman also expressed his desire to work with his Khamoshi’s director. During the trailer launch of Race 3, answering to one journalist question he admitted that If I like the script I will definitely¬†work with him. He is one of the finest directors we have in this industry.

SLB further added-

I worked with Hrithik in Gujaarish. It is one of my best film I have ever made. I did work out at the box office but it is still a masterpiece for me. Hrithik is one of the finest actors of all time. He is the one who can play any role in my sense. Just think about the role of Gujaarish, A man who dance, fight on the big screen and I just made him sleep on the wheelchair. Neither he can move nor he can talk. And look at this performance he is such a natural actor that he made people believe that I am actually this guy who is paralysed.

Once the Script and the leading man will be final, we will start on Pre-Production. The shooting of the movie will start April next year. I am not in hurry to announce the release date but it will be 2020 release.

Well, the kind of words Director and Actor are sharing on the public platform, It seems Salman will say yes to the project. If it will happen not could be bigger than this.

What do you think Who will star in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next, Salman or Hrithik?

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