Sanjay Dutt Complete Interview On Sanju And His Controversial Life Since Rocky

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt Biopic released two weeks ago. The movie got the tremendous response from the public. The movie has already crossed 300 crores marks at the ticket window in India alone. In the movie, the media has been targeted by the director Raju Hirani and this is something which did not go well with some media sources. They expressed it as they criticise Raju Hirani to portray Sanjay Dutt as innocent in every mistake he did.

Last week Raju Hirani was going to held a press to answer all the media questions but they cancelled the press conference as they realized the not so happy mood of media. Sanjay Dutt finally came out to express his view on his Biopic and the makers of Sanju i.e Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. In a recent interview to India Today, Sanjay Dutt answered every possible question asked by the anchor. Here is the excerpt from the Interview in Brief on Bollywood Tower.

On Targeting Media to Spoil His Image( Do you have Grudges with Media)

Sanjay Dutt completed denied that he has any problem with media. He said- I have many friends from the media fraternity and I share a very good relation with some journalist whom I know. But at the same time what has been shown in the movie is also right. At that time many news has been printed which had no base at all like RDX truck at my house which is completely untrue. They put the questions mark in front of the news, so I can’t even drag him to the court also. But it affects my family as you saw in the movie, my friend Kamli stopped talking to me just because of that news which was not true. If it’s limited to me that’s fine but it affected my family big time and that is not right.

Did you really count 308 figure of Your girlfriend?

Not really. But as you saw in the movie it was an estimate like it would be at least this much. I do not remember most of the name, How you can? So it was just a guess which is approx and that is almost close to the fact.

How Hard It Was To Come Out That Drug Phase?

It was the most difficult. I mean this was something if you are addicted you cant leave it knowing the fact it is very harmful. But with god grace and my family support especially my father I was able to come out of it. But that was the most difficult phase of my life.

Ranbir Kapoor As Sanjay Dutt In Sanju?

I think he is a fantastic actor and he has done a superb job. I never thought he could do so well. But he carried it really well on screen. I know him since he was a child and I think he is a fantastic human being.

Is it really Hard to Sunil Dutt Son?

It’s not hard but it put you in the pressure for sure. people always had expectation from me when I started my career. I did almost every possible mistake in my life. But I admit what I have done and I paid for it. The main motto of the movie just to guide the youth do not do drugs or any other illegal work otherwise you have to face a lot of problems which I faced. Dutt Sahab faced more problem just because of me.

So What Type of Parents You Are For Your Children?

My wife Manyata used to say if your children always like you and never dislikes you means you are not a good parent. So you have to be strict when it requires. So I pamper them but at the same time I strict to them when they do the mistake.

Sanjay Dutt feels he is in the happiest space, he wants to work every day, he wants to do roles as per his age and he wants to spend time with his family.


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