Sanjay Dutt Biopic trailer is copy cat of Aamir Khan PK

sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywoodtower
sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywoodtower

Sanjay Dutt biopic titled Sanju trailer released yesterday . Bollywood fan were eagerly waiting for this trailer.At the event of teaser launch only Ranbir kapoor was there from the film star cast . A part from Ranbir Kapoor the crew member of the team were present there including Raju Hirani , Vidhu vinod chopra , Abhijat Joshi , fox star chaiman and all the technicians.

Trailer got mix response from the audience .

But why mix response ??

Why trailer got average review inspite of one of the best team of film makers and writers ??

Well sanjay Dutt Biopic trailer is the copy cat of Aamir khan PK ( last film of Rajkumar Hirani).

In PK trailer Aamir Khan was in different costumes . At that time it was interesting as no body knew the role of Aamir in PK .

But now in sanjay Dutt Biopic everyone knew about the character of Ranbir Kapoor in the film.

Ranbir kapoor as sanjay dutt introducing his different character of sanju .

Sanju as a hero of Rocky , Sanju as munna bhai , sanju as a prisoner , sanju as a romantic hero , sanju as a politician.

sanjay dutt biopic bollywoodtower
sanjay dutt biopic bollywoodtower

These are the real character of sanjay dutt . Sanjay dutt had gone through a lot of phase in his life .

Even PK movie got average review after his release  . As it was on the concept of Akshay kumar starrer. But pulled it off because of the Aamir khan presence and his great performance .

well this might not go well with sanjay dutt biopic . As Ranbir kapoor is not a big star like Aamir Khan.

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People are also speculating ” with this biopic sanjay dutt good friend Raju Hirani trying to glorify his image “.so he might not show everything real related to his involvement in Bombay blast.

Sanju_teaser_Ranbir_Kapoor bollywoodtower
Sanju_teaser_Ranbir_Kapoor bollywoodtower

All these different factor are creating buzz for the film as people are talking about the film.

The full trailer of the movie will release after a week . In the trailer launch there will be full star cast and of course sanjay dutt – confirmed Raju Hirani in the event .

We hope trailer will have some real good scene not like teaser where they applied the concept of PK .

PK trailer looked interesting as it was unique at that time .Now its not unique.

Movie is slated to release on june 25 this year.

What you think about this trailer ??  Do you like it or not ??

Is it average or good in your point of view ??

It is copy of the trailer of PK concept or not ??

Share your opinion in the comment section. AS audience point of view only makes a difference .

Here is the trailer of Sanjay Dutt Biopic-

credit- foxstar hindi

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