Salman Khan’s Family Is The Reason Behind I Became “Shah Rukh Khan”

Salman Shahrukh Rani and Sunil Grover at Dus Ka Dum
Salman Shahrukh Rani and Sunil Grover at Dus Ka Dum

Shahrukh Khan recently came on the grand finale of the third season of Dus Ka Dum hosted by Salman Khan. Shahrukh who came with Rani Mukherjee shared a lot of memories of the past with Salman on the show. He also spoke about the quality time he spent with his family when he was struggling as an actor in Mumbai. He shared one memorable moment with Salim Khan when he had dinner with Khan’s Family. Shahrukh Said-

” I still remember when I was a struggling actor in Mumbai. Once I had dinner with Salim Khan with his house. He was very inspirational and motivated. He said to me – you ate the food of this house, so you will definitely become a successful actor. So I became Shahrukh as the Salim Khan blessed me with such blessing words. It is because of Salman Khan and his family I became Shahrukh Khan.” Shahrukh further added- I will do whatever Salman will ask me to do. I will go wherever he will ask me to go. I am here at the Grand Finale of Dus Ka Dum Grand finale just because I love him.

Salman Shahrukh Rani and Sunil Grover at Dus Ka Dum Season 3
Salman Shahrukh Rani and Sunil Grover at Dus Ka Dum Season 3

Well, this is really heart touching what Shahrukh said. Salman Khan who was just had a smile on his face when Shahrukh was praising him and his family. Salman always respects Shahrukh Khan and his achievement even they fought at Katrina Kaif birthday party and did not speak for more than five years. He supported Shahrukh at Bigg Boss when one contestant claimed he made Shahrukh Khan. Then Salman took Shahrukh side by saying- Shahrukh Khan is Shahrukh Khan because of his hard work not because of people like you.

Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Shahrukh Khan also shared the happy moment of Kuch Kuch Hota as all were starring together in the movie. Salman did a cameo in the movie. A part of this Sunil Grover was also at the Grand Finale who was playing the role of Mr Bachchan at the show.

Shahrukh next release Zero is coming on Christmas. The teaser and the trailer of the movie have already released last month in which Salman Khan is also featuring. The movie is directed by Anand. L Rai and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment.



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