Salman Khan Upcoming TV show Dus Ka Dum season 3 Grand Set Look Revealed

salman-10-ka-dum 2 bollywoodtower
salman-10-ka-dum 2 bollywoodtower

Salman khan who recently revealed on twitter that he is coming back on small screen with Dus Ka Dum season 3 . He did not reveal the date just to enhance the curiosity. well that happens also , salman khan fans shared that video of Bhai on social media facebook and twitter .

well now the grand set who is built up for the season 3 has been revealed by the Sony Tv himslef . SONY revealed that we are coming back after almost a decade , so it could be normal .Obviousally it will be much bigger and much better . They further added when you are doing something with salman khan how it could be normal . It will be grand and mesmerizing . we have a target to break the record of Kon banega crorepati in which 3 crore people played live on mobile . we have a target of 4 crore with Dus ka Dum season 3 .


Before this announcement when CEO of Sony was asked by media person – “who will host Dus ka Dum next season ”

CEO of the Sony Tv replied ” who can do Dus Ka Dum excep salman khan “. No body can replace him ,he is just become the synonyms whatever he does . So whenever it will happen , he is the only one who will host this show .

well it seems these type of positivity shown by Sony in public made salman khan to do this show again who can be agreed only be love  not by money .

Why salman khan did not host Dus Ka Dum next season for such a long time

well when salman khan started his journey on small screen with Dus ka dum , he signed the agreement to do 101 episode for 79 cr. But when the show became such a huge hit and it broke the TRP record of KOn Banega Crorepati which was a big thing at that time .

Salman was always a A lister star but at that time he was not on the top of the list just like he is right now .

Dus ka dum again proved that when it comes to the popularity no body is  not even close to him . So he demanded what other star were charging at that time like sharukh and Amitabh Bachachan . well he deserve it also as he first proved it and then demanded .

But it was refused by Sony Tv and it was un acceptable to salman khan .

After that he started doing Bigg Boss season 4 and rest is the history . He is hosting Bigg Boss till now season 11 . He took the Bigg Boss to the next level . The show who was running on the TRP of 1.0 , he put it on the top show by giving it the TRP of 3.5 which was un immaginable for the show like Bigg Boss .

well now he is on the top of the list and SOny accepted all his demand . So he is back with Dus Ka Dum season 3 .

Another reason of doing Dus Ka dum Season 3 

As everyone know Bigg Boss became such a big show just because of salman khan . But is is creating problem for him . In ever season when he scold any one for their bad behavious on the show .After coming out of the show contender abuse him for all his court cases and his alleged rumors of beating Aishwarya Rai in the past .

People close to salman said it somewhere spoiling his image un necessarily. So this is also one of the reason that may be he will not host BIgg boss season 12 or there  might be chance that he will co host with some other star so he can manage it both way like he did in season 5 when he co hosted with Sanjay Dutt.

what you think share your opinion in the comment section .

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