Salman Khan starrer Bajarangi Bhaijan Got release date in china .

Salman khan starrer Bajarangi bhaijan finally got a release date in china .Kabir khan directed Bajarangi bhaijan cleared by China’s film board. It will release in PRC movie theatre on 2nd march are reading this article on BollywoodTower

It is the first salman khan starrer which will release in china .As china film board has lot of restriction for foreign movies and they allow limited foreign movie to release in china.

China Film board only allow selected count of movies to release in china against chinese movie . They also give less share of business as compare to other country.

As Bajarangi bhaijan cleared this hurdle and now another hurdle it has to clear is the Chinese audience acceptance.

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If this movie will do great business like PK and Dangal ,it will open Chinese market for his films who is the biggest star domestically. If Chinese audience accept salman khan as a star like they did for Aamir khan ,it will be a great news for the industry and for bhai fan also .

China has around 40,000+ film theater to release different language movie .India only have 6000+ theatre . In china big movie release in 30,000+ theater .In India even the event film of big star hardly reelase in 4500 screens which is very less. If the two movie clash in bollywood they hardly get 3000 screens .It affect movie business a lot . 3000 as compare to 30000 is very less.

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Hope for Bollywood

Well Bajarangi Bhaijan got the oportunity to show its content potential in china .

we hope it will do great business and open the door for more bollywood movies.

This is the only way bollywood industry can grow more and more.Then only we can invest in big project and increase the scale of the movie . If the movie will cross 1000 cr mark then only they wont hesitate in investing big project .Hollywood does it really well because they have vast audience through out the world.

Hollywood created that audience , bollywood also need to create that audience .

What you think shrare your opinion in the comment section.

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

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