Salman Khan Sharukh Khan Journey of 2.5 Decade in Bollywood:Reason Of Friendship and Fight

Salman Khan sharukh khan fight bollywoodtower
Salman Khan sharukh khan fight bollywoodtower

salman Khan sharukh khan are in bollywood for more than two and half decade. Salman khan made entry two years before sharukh khan .He did his  debut in 1989 where sharukh did in 1991. Salman  Khan sharukh khan had ups and down in their long relation.

When they met first time ??

How they become friend ??

When they fought first time and why ??

There are many more question which we will answer during this article . Every one has the curiosity to know exactly what happened that the person (sharukh khan ) who used to call another person sir  (salman khan )  in his intital days of journey , suddenly had a fight with him .

When Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan meet first time 

Salman khan became overnight star with “Maine Pyar kiya ” and he was also the son of well know writer Salim khan . So Salman khan had good industry links since the beginning of his career .

But sharukh khan did not have any one of them . His debut movie gave him little attention but he did not achieve any star like status .But after the release of Darr in 1993 he got star status .

So when they meet first time on the set of “Karan Arjun” , they knew each other by their work .

Sharukh khan role in Karan Arjun was more powerful but still salman khan was not insecure at all . Salman attitude is same since the starting of his career .

During the shooting of Karan Arjun , Sahrukh used to go salman khan house . He met Salim khan during this time .

Sharukh told once that when he had dinner with Salim khan first time . Salim khan sahab said – you ate food of this family , you will definitely be a big star in future .

At the end of Karan Arjun shooting , they became good friend .But sharukh khan used to call salman khan sir . Salamn revealed it when they had public fight on katrina birthday bash .

well after this they worked together in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam . They friendship grown over the time .

Sharukh khan became a big star after DDLJ . After DDLJ he never look back , he gave one blockbuster after the other . Media declared him the biggest star of the country .


salamn srk karan arjun bollywoodtower
salamn srk karan arjun bollywoodtower

Salman khan was in top list but on the top of the game . This never affected their friendship .

Then waht happened that they fought ??

Who started and who was responsible for all these ??

So Here is the answer –

Salman Khan and Sharukh khan first fight  on the set of Chalte Chalte 

well sharukh khan was achieving stardom after every passing film . Salman khan get into controversy after his chinkara and black buck case during the shooting of “Hum Sath Sath Hain “.

He was in news for all the wrong reason . He had bad time in his personal life . Salman and Aishwarya fight were in open .

Salman khan was not able to accept his break up with Aishwarya Rai . He was creating for Aishwarya Rai .

Aishwarya rai who was shooting for Chalte chalte . salman khan  created a scene on the set of chalte chalte .

Sharukh khan could not do any thing with salman khan after all he was bhai of Bollywood . Salman khan was coming on the set of chalte chalte every day and was creating a scene .

Sharukh khan who was also the producer of the film facing a lot of problems in shooting .

When he could stop salman khan , he replaced Aishwarya Rai with Rani Mukhrjee in chalte chalte . Well it was a big news as the 10% of the shooting was completed .It was a big set back for Aishwarya Rai and in an press conference she announced she will never work with salman khan any more .

sharukh khan salman khan bollywoodtower
sharukh khan salman khan bollywoodtower

When Sharukh khan replaced Aishwarya Rai in chalte chalte , Salman khan could not tolerate it .

They both had open fight on the film set , where salman khan almost slap sharukh khan for his decision .

This was the first time when they fought in public and they were not friend any more .

When they patch up after their fight on the set of Chalte Chalte 

Ather their fight on the set of chalte chalte both of them avoid each other for 2 years . Farah khan who was directing her first film with sharukh khan was mutual friend of both of them .

She was the reason of their patch up n the set of  Main Hoon Na.

Salman khan admitted in an interview said it all happens because of Farah khan .

well this patch did not work out for long time .

Here is another big thing waiting in their relation which happens next .

Katrina Kaif Birthday Party : Salman khan slapped sharukh khan for his comment on Aishwarya Rai

Slaman khan hosted the party for Katrina on her birthday . sharukh khan was also there and they had big spat during this fight . well exact reason of fight never revealed by anyone  . But insider of the party said off camera – Sharukh khan commented on Aishwarya Rai on some issue . This was the reason of this fight . As it was because of Bachchan Bahu Aishwarya no body was ready to reveal it on camera . Otherwise they discuss everything about fight sooner or later. But none of them revealed the reason till now.

salman--fight-with-shah-rukh bollywoodtower
salman–fight-with-shah-rukh bollywoodtower

well this was big spat which made headline on news channel for many days . this was the first time when bollywood was separated in two groups salman khan camp and sharukh khan camp . People from industry were openely supporting their favorite star .

No body could not even think they will talk each other in future . They both said on the camera that it will never happen again .

But it happened and how it happend . Here is another twist in their relation .

Salman Khan Hugged Sharukh Khan in Baba Siddquie EID iftaar party 

Salman khan and sharukh khan fight was in the headline for 5 years . They avoid each other during every event . Actually things happened during this time was in favor of salman khan . He became the biggest star of the country . He became the synonyms of the blockbuster.

During one iftaar party when salman khan was meeting everyone sitting on the table . Sharukh khan was also sitting in the same line . He avoid him once and then came back and offer him hug .

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Sahrukh khan also stand and hugged him . This was a great gesture shown by salman khan and accepted by sharukh khan . Every body who were in the party clapped and its in news next day everywhere .

salman sharukh hug bollywoodtower
salman sharukh hug bollywoodtower

Salman khan and sharukh khan hugged on the stage of award function 

After Baba Siddique iftaar party they both met in an award function where salman khan was hosting the show . salman and Sharukh khan hugged each other . Sharukh khan got award for the best entertainer . In his speech He said –

Its great to get the best entertainer award specially in the company of Mr salman khan who perhaps the biggest entertainer country have ever seen.

Salman khan who was also on the set said – correct bola (he said it right).


salman sharukh bollywoodtower
salman sharukh bollywoodtower

Well now they are not great friends but they do not hate each other any more . They love to talk about each other in media event . They praise each other’s work .

well after two and half decade they are still the leading star of bollywood .so its hard to predict what will happen next . In this bollywood competitive world any thing could happen .So what will happen next in their relation , no body knows this .

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Fans of both the star enjoy their friendship and fight and they support their favorite star on social media .

what you think about this relation of sharukh khan salman khan share your opinion in the comment section .

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