salman khan sentenced for 5 years : Black Buck Poaching case Live Update

SalmanKhan-chinkara case bollywoodtower
SalmanKhan-chinkara case bollywoodtower

Get Live update on Balck buck Poaching case on this page of Bollywoodtower. Everyone waiting for the verdict since morning on the Black Buck Poaching case . Salman khan , saif ali khan , Sonali Bindre , Tabu all of them reached jodhpur yesterday . They were staying in the same palace . The kind of security was there outside the high court and jodhpur jail , it was presumed that verdict was going to come against all  of them .you are reading this article on Bollywoodtower

well verdict came out but not against all of them . Except salman khan all were got relieved , they  got benefit of doubt . But salman khan was sentenced for 5 years . That is a big set back for salman khan . As the  verdict of the case  arm  act tcame in his favour . Inspite of this he was convicted.

This is the first time when the verdict came in the favour of Bishnoi community. Four case were registered at the time of incident 20 years back . Verdict of three cases came in the favour of salmna khan . Bishnoi community already expressed their gurges against the verdict in the past . But this time they are celebrating this verdict.

well this is not a good news neither for salman khan nor for the bollywood industry as thousands of crore are riding on him . Three films are under production costing around 1000 cr .

It was precocious as all the stars reached jodhpur with their full luggage . But the relief comes for rest all the star except  salman khan . Even in the morning salman khan father salim khan refused to comment on this . some where there was fear in the family as the 28  peoples gave there opinion against salman khan in the court.

Salman khan lawyer team already started preparing for the bail from jodhpur high court  as  they did in the hit and run case in 2016 .  will they get it by evening ,it will be interesting to see.

3:00 pm : confirmed  Salman khan lawyer tried his best to hear the plea on bail today itself . Judge of the the session court refuse to hear the plea today . So now it is confirmed that he is going to stay in jail at least for  a day . session court will hear the plea on bail tomorrow.

2:30 pm : it is almost confirmed that salman khan will spend tonignt in jodhpur jail . As the verdict copy is not out till now ,unless you get the copy of the verdict you cant appeal in the high court for the bail.

2:00 pm : their is doubt  , will he get bail today or will he go to jail

1:30 pm : Salman khan was sentenced for 5 years which is one year less than the maximum punishment in this case . He could get minimum one year and maximum 6 years of imprisonment.

11:30 am : Salman khan lawyer and sarkari lawayer arguing for the punishment . Salman khan lawyer giving the example of all the previous cases in which he was not convicted . In the arms act it was not proved that he had pistal . so how it is possible to kill the black buck .

11:10 am : salman khan was convicted and rest all the star got free . They got benefit of doubt.

10:55 am : salman khan reached the jodhpur court with full proof police security.

10:45 am : salman khan starts from the palace to the jodhpur court with one police car.

salman khan facing the trail since 1998 when allegedly filed a complained for killing two black buck cases during the shooting of” Hum Saath Saath Hain”. After this FIR four different cases were registered under different section of CrPC . In the long hearing of almost two decades , verdict in three cases already came out in the favour of salman khan.But this fourth case verdict came against the salman khan .

Still the verdict is not final as he will definitely go to high court . It will be interesting to see will high court turned the table of the verdict like bombay high court did in hit and run case where session court gave verdict against him and sentenced him for 5 years . Bombay high court completely turned the table and gave verdict in his favor completely.

what you think about this verdict after 20 years share your opinion in the comment section.

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