Rishi Kapoor misbehave with Salman khan’s sister in law : Immediately Left the party in fear Of salman khan

Salman khan Rishi Kapoor bollywood tower
Salman khan Rishi Kapoor bollywood tower

Rishi kapoor has been  in the news for his misbehavior in past few years .He is the one who misbehaves with anyone on social media if he did not like something about someone. Recently in the function of sonam kapoor wedding ,he misbehaved with salman khan sister in law seema khan (wife of sohail khan).

The whole khan family and kapoor family were present at Sonam-Anand’s reception. In the function salman khan was dancing  with Anil kapoor and Sharukh Khan which got viral on social media . All the member of the Khan family and Kapoor family were dancing one by one on the stage and enjoying the function .

But both the family left the function not in a good spirit and everyone from the khan family was angry .

The reason of their anger was Rishi Kapoor’s misbehavior with salman khan sister in law’s Seema Khan . As per the reports Rishi kapoor was upset with salman khan as he did not greet him with full respect when they met at the function . So he took it out to one of his family member Seema Khan .

When salman khan came to know about it ,he left the stage immediately and was looking for Rishi Kapoor . Rishi Kapoor left the party immediately in fear of facing salman khan .

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Later Neetu Kapoor apologize to Sohail Khan and her wife on Rishi Kapoor’s behalf .

As of now the matter is resolved but as we all know salman khan does not all these things so lightly .

So do not be surprised if we get the news of salman khan and Rishi Kapoor fight in some other party . It happened in the past also when salman khan took revenge for any of his family member.

Bollywood functions always creates news whether its love or controversy . They knew very well how to grab the headlines . Sonam-Anand wedding has been in the top news for last two days and now ended with a big controversy .The side effect of this controversy we will see in future.

As salman khan does not even like Ranbir Kapoor because of the matter of Katrina Kaif . But he kept a distance with Ranbir Kapoor as he respect Rishi Kapoor .But now it is all over . So this Khan -Kapoor fight could go longer in the future as well .

Salman Khan Race 3 And Ranbir Kapoor Sanju are releasing next month . Both the movies are releasing in the gap of two weeks . It will somewhere affect the business a little bit . But after this controversy we could see some short of war in promotional event where celebrity dig at each other movies .

What you think about Rishi Kapoor Misbehavior with Salman khan’s sister in law?

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