Race 3 “Our Business is Our Business None Of your Business”: Some Funny Video On social Media

Race 3 Bollywood Tower
Race 3 Bollywood Tower

Race 3 Trailer released a few days ago. The trailer got the tremendous response from the audience. Nobody knows what could hit the most to the audience. Salman Khan is known for his punchy dialogue. But this time the dialogue of Daisy Shah “Our business is our business none of your Business” got viral over any other Salman Khan’s dialogue. Daisy Shah dialogue got the tremendous response from the audience. people on twitter and facebook are editing this dialogue with some other funny videos of ladies where they are doing some silly work. Check out the trolls videos below which are getting viral on social media.

Honest trailer reaction

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Daisy Shah, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez also supported this trending dialogue. They dubbed their own version of “Our Business is Our Business none of Your Business”.

Here is the video of Jacqueline and Daisy in which Daisy asked Jacqueline “Where we are going, Jacqueline”.

Jacqueline Fernandez Replied- “Our Business is our business none of your business”(laughter). Salman Khan replied the same to the Journalist when he asked: ” Where are you going Bhai”. Check out the funny trolling video of “our Business is Our Business None of your Business”


Well, this is a good indication for any film if his dialogue is used by common man in daily life. It will help to create more buzz for the movie among the public. This is the first time when any other actor in Salman Khan’s movie is getting more attention than Salman Khan.

What do you think about the Race 3 Dialogue ” Our Business is Our Business none of your business”?

Did you like the Race 3 trailer?

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