Race 3 New Poster :Bobby Deol and Jacqueline Fernandez are like never before

race 3 poster bobby deol Jacqueline fernandez bollywood tower
race 3 poster bobby deol Jacqueline fernandez bollywood tower

Race 3 posters are revolving around on social media from last so many days . Salman khan is the first one who release the poster on the social network twitter .After that team of Race 3 shares the twitter includes Bobby Deol , Jacqueline Fernandez , Remo D’ Souza and Tips films .It helps to aware the people about the film as most of the people are on social media.

Yesterday night salman khan reveal one more poster of Race 3 featuring Bobby Deol and Jacqueline Fernandez.

salman khan tweeted –

Seeing is not always believing in this Race. Kon kya hai pata chalega Soon (reality of character you will come to know soon )


This poster ensures that all the character are as strong as they were in the Race and Race2.

Salman  khan tweets ensures that trailer will release soon and it will reveal the role of different character in the film.

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After the new poster released who featured Bobby Deol with Jacqueline – Bobby Deol took to twitter to share his feeling for salman khan .He twitted with a picture in which he is flaunting his muscles . He trained hard for this and he thanked salman khan to motivate him for training .

Bobby Deol tweeted-

when hard work starts to show . Thanks to salman khan for motivation.


Things are going pretty well for Race 3 . Now every one waiting for the trailer . It was supposed to release on 5th may but tips film postponed it for unknown reasons.

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Race 3 is directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Tips films and salman khan films.

Movie starring salman khan , Bobby Deol , jacqueline Fernandez , Anil kapoor.

Movie is slated to release on EID 2018 which is on 15th june.

what you think about the new poster of Race 3 ?

It will be salman centric film or all the character will be as powerful as they were in Race and Race 2?

share your opinion in the comment section.

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