Race 3 Failure Opens The Door For Sanju To Take The Biggest Opening Ever

Race 3 Vs Sanju
Race 3 Vs Sanju

Everything is going in the favour of Sanju one of the big release of this year. From teaser to the trailer, from poster to songs, director to actors performances everything is getting the tremendous response from the public. Be its facebook, twitter, Instagram or youtube, the public response is like never seen before for a movie. One more big factor which ensures Sanju to take the biggest opening of 2018 or maybe ever if audience turned out well on a non-holiday Friday.

Race 3 which released on EID is running in its second week. The negative public reports affected the movie in the second week at large scale. Some show has been cancelled at some multiplexes in metro cities. The movie dropped heavily in the second week which ensures that movie will be out of the theatre after the second week. Even Salman Khan fans are not happy with Salman Khan for doing Race 3. Yesterday #wedontwantDabangg3 was trending on Twitter. This is something which happened the first time for any Salman Khan film where Salman Khan die-hard fans are going against Salman Khan film.

sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywood tower
sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju Bollywood tower

But everything against Race 3 working in the favour of Sanju which is releasing this week. Sanju will get all the single screen theatre in north India and solo release in all the multiplexes.

Advance booking reports ensure thirty crores plus figures for Sanju which will be the biggest opening in 2018.  Race 3 first day was 29 crores in India which was on EID holiday.

Sanju had the potential to collect big numbers like Padmaavat and Bahubali did in the past with the help of movie’s brand. But that type of number can not be predicted before release as it happens occasionally when movie crossed 40 crores without big stars like Salman, Shahrukh or Aamir.

ranbir kapoor sanju bollywood tower
Ranbir Kapoor Sanju Bollywood tower

The industry is expecting everything unexpected from Sanju. What do you think let us know in the comment section?


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