Race 3 Finished In Its Third Week: Salman Khan Again Disappointed On EID After Tubelight

Race 3 Bollywood Tower
Race 3 Bollywood Tower

Salman Khan and EID, this combo always worked at the box office since 2009 release Wanted. Salman Khan released his movies back to back on EID and the movies turned out to be Blockbuster as well. But last two EID did not turn out to be successful for his movies. Last year release  Tubelight was a big flop despite big holiday release. Salman Khan even some percentage of share to the distributor who had gone through huge losses. This year Salman had the responsibility of Race franchise on his shoulders. Even Ramesh Taurani was expecting to make it this successful franchise to the biggest franchise with the star power of Salman Khan. That is why he allowed Salman Khan to be the Co-Producer of the Race 3.

But when the content of the movie is not up to the mark, anything can go wrong in the movies business. Even the superstar like Salman Khan Can not go over the content. The movie got a huge opening due to EID holidays and Salman Khan. But the public reports were extremely negative. This time even Salman Khan Fans did not like the movie. They were so angry with Race 3 that they trended #wedonotwantdabangg3 on twitter.

Race 3 dropped heavily on weekdays. The movie had open two weeks, so collected a decent amount of 166 crores. But in the third week with the release of Sanju, the movie wiped out completely. Race 3 collected only 1 crore in its third week. This is bizarre for a big scale event film. Nothing could be worse than this for the film industry.

salman khan race 3 bollywood tower
salman khan Race 3 Bollywood Tower

The movie finished in its third week with the lifetime collection of 167 crores in India. Salman Khan Film and Tips earned a good profit but distributor has gone through huge losses. The movie at least should do 250 crores business in India as the movie was sold at a huge price. Below is the box office collection of Race 3.

Race 3 Daily Box Office Update:

Friday: 29 crores

Saturday: 36 crores

Sunday:  37 crores

First weekend Total:  102 crores (Total)

Monday:  15.5 Crores

Tuesday:  8.5 Crores

Wednesday: 8 Crores

Thursday: 6.5 Crores

First Week: 140.5 Crores

Second Friday- 4 crores

Second Saturday- 5.7 crores

Second Sunday- 6.5 Crores

Second Weekend Total: 16.2 crores

Second Week Total- 25.5 Crores 

Third Week- 1 crore

Total – 167 Crores (Three Weeks)

What do you think about Race disappointment despite being holiday release? Let us know in the comment section.


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