Raazi Movie Review : First Day First Show

Raazi movie alia bhatt vicky kaushal bollywood tower
Raazi movie alia bhatt vicky kaushal bollywood tower

Raazi movie starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal released  today all over the world. Movie is directed by Meghna Gulzar whose last film Talvar was a big hit and produced by Dharma Production . Here is the Raazi movie Review after the first day first show on Bollywood Tower

 Director- Meghna Gulzar

Star Cast-  Alia Bhatt , Vicky Kaushal

 Movie Rating-  3*/5

Raazi Movie  -Story Engagement

Raazi is a movie which is based on 1971 Indo pak war in which Alia is playing the role of spy . she was trained very hard  by indian intelligence . So he can get to the mission . Then she married to Pakistani Army officer .How she perform her task , film is all about that .

Raazi is a 2 hours 20 minutes film which dip down at some point . It could better engage the audience if it would be a film of 2 hours . But the genre is spy thriller which has many twist and turn that keeps our interest till end .

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Overall story engagement for Raazi is good which could be excellent if it would be of  two hours . I will go with 3 star for story engagement .

Rating of Story Engagement – 3*/5

102 Not Out Movie  –Actors Performance Review

Alia has the key role in the film .she has three different role . She is playing a daughter , a spy and a wife . Her performance is incredible as a muslim girl sehmat. she played the role with full diligence and patience . She once again proved that she knew her craft better than any other actress of her slot .

Vicky Kaushal is playing the character of Iqbal a Pakistani Army Officer . He is playing the role of Alia’s husband in the film . Well vicky is one of the actors in the industry who came from theater and you will love watching him on the screen .

In Raazi he got a chance to flaunt his look . He is looking  tall  handsome Army officer .Vicky kaushal justify to his character as good as Alia .

I will go with 4.5*  for Alia Bhatt performace and 4* for Vicky Kaushal Performance .

Rating of Actors Performances- 4*/5

102 Not Out Movie  – Direction Review

Meghna Gulzar after Talvar (2015) delivered another good film . Her craft is improving with every films . Movie could be a little shorter in time . But she kept the pace of the film most of the time .

Meghna gulzar kept the interest of the audience till the end and that is the beauty of the film .

I will go with 3.5 star for the director of the film .

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Rating of Direction- 3.5*/5

102 Not Out –Music/Background Score Review

Shankar-Ehsaan -Loy music goes with the craft of the film . Music has the backdrop of 70s which justify with the film . Music is composed to kept the patriotism of the film .Gulzar lyrics are wonderful .

I will go with 3 star for the music of Shankar-Ehsaan -Loy .

Rating of Music/Background score- 3*/5

Raazi :Box office Prediction

Raazi is a spy thriller film which has many twist and turn . This type of the film has its own audience . Some people love to watch spy thriller film and they will come out for sure . Alia bhatt got the star status and she will definitely pulled out some audience for the film .

Opening of the film is good considering its star cast as their is no popular male hero in the film . But the magic happened with the female oriented film in the past . So it could be with Raazi .

Bollywood Tower predicts 60 crore + for Raazi . More precisely we will predict after the first week collection .

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