Priya Prakash Varrier- New Internet Sensation -Some Unknown Fact


Priya Prakash Varrier  is an Malayalam actress who created  sensation on the internet recently with one wink in a song. Since the song released just before valentine day she became valentine for every  boy in  the country. Video became viral so fast on the internet that she became overnight star .

we brought some interesting fact of Priya Prakash which you might dont know .

Name– Priya Prakash varrier

Address– Punkunnam Thrissur kerala

First crush–  Ranbir Kapoor

Debut movie –Oru Adaar Love (2018)

Favorite Actor–   Salman khan ,Ranbir Kapoor

Favorite Actress– Deepika Padukone

Marriage– Single

Favorite Director– Rajkumar hirani ,Karan Johar ,Aditya Chopra

Turning point of life

Once the 28 second video became viral on the internet she became overnight star in India .She became the third most followed celebrity with in 24 hours  after Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner.

Turning point of career

Her first did not even release and she already become a star in India .With every single promo from her movie “Oru Adaar Love” she is adding something extra to her popularity.

She already started getting offer from bollywood -she admitted in an interview .

Rishi Kapoor in a recent interview predicted a huge super star dome for her in future.

Hobbies–  Dancing ,acting

Inspiration– Her father


After her viral video song in which she winks ,one of the Malayalam NGO objected to remove that scene from the movie . They are objecting the release of the film.

where she did learn wink

Lot of actress also wink in the movie but her unique winking style made her so popular .she was asked -where did she learn wink.

she told -In girl groups we used to do this once we saw in the movie .Among girls its a common thing in our group.I did not know neither now that I have unique style.

My close friend told me its very sexy.



Her parents reaction after video getting viral

she said -My father is an excise inspector and my mother is a house wife .They knew I want to be an actress since childhood and they were very supportive .once video became viral and people started recognizing me specially youth ,they are very happy.

They want me to be successful like any other parents and they are happy with what I am doing.

Some more Interesting Fact of Priya Prakash  Life-

she always wanted to be an actor and but never thought that she will become so popular before the release of her first film-she admitted in recent interview with a hindi news channel.

she is a great admirer of Deepika padukone and she want to work with her in near future.

in an interview she admitted that she has a huge crush on Ranbir Kapoor

she is always been a huge bollywood fan and she would love to do debut in bollywood as soon as she will get good offer from bollywood.

Her father is an excise Inspector and her mother is a house wife .Her parents allowed to her to pursue her dreams .

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