Padmavat is going to open with a bang :Trade Expert

Padmavat crossed all the hurdle and its  going to release globally on 25th Jan.well ,now trade pandit are expecting some magical  boxoffice are reading this article on BollywoodTower

As the movie already created a lot of buzz ,so a big opening is expected but how big that will be decided on 25th jan.But the people in the trade are expecting to cross Bahubali figure. Only thing  becuase of which Padmavat might fall short of Babhuali is the Padman . Padman is also releasing after one day i.e 26th jan.

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Well if the report will be good ,it has chance to collect big numbers in the long run without any big star . Deepika and Ranveer got the star status after Bajiro Mastani and Ram Leela but still they can not be compared with Khans.

Controversy always help the movie to get better opening always if it did not halt the film .If Padmavat will get clear release without any halt . It will be a win win situation for the film .As the  movie did not have any big star and still get great opening of 30cr+ ,all credit to awareness created by media .No marketing team is required for Padmavat as of now .

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

Its awareness and excitement  matching Bahubali trend.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali also make great canvas movie.In his last movie Bajirao Mastani ,it was on big scale.Padmavat budget is much more than Bajirao we can expect some grand set in the movie which can give immense enjoyment while watching the film.

News are also coming that in multiplexes it will be shown in 3-D.This news is coming from the Sanjay Leela Bhansali production house .If it will be true then it will only increase the excitement in the multiple level only.

It will be intersting to see ,will it touch magical figure of 300 cr . what you think ,share your opinion in the omment section.

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

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