Padmavat movie banned by Rajasthan Government :CM Rajasthan


Padmavat movie is facing problem from the day it releases its trailer and release date . A community in Rajasthan continuisally opposing the release of the film . They questioned on the character of Rani Padmavati being portrayed in the are reading this article on BollywoodTower


Now the film is cleared by CBFC and declared its release date ,a new problem is created for the maker of the movie  , Rajasthan government took the decision not to allow the release of the film in the state as it can challenge law and order situation. Chief minister office of Rajasthan confirmed the news .

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Now Padmavat contoversy taking political move as the community of Rajput are a huge votebank in Rajathan.

It always happens in india ,when something has been portrayed about some caste or relgion .They started protesting without watching it.The same thing happened with Pk in the past .

These are selected people who always create problem for public .they claimed to be the protector of any caste or religion but they forget about the damage they are creating for the public property.

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Some body there must be some one  (most probably the government)who can  tell them this property is also yours .

in the past these people created problem  for movie like PK ,now they are creating for Padmavat and in the future they will create for some other movie .

Its a big threat if our government will support such element just for the sake of vote . in this case govt is fully supporting such element even after the supreme court order . this is really pathetic where govt who must be the first one to follow the order of honorable supreme court .They are not following the order .

As of now problem is for padmavat  and the entire team. As the movie made on a huge budget and if any business area like Rajasthan wont show the film, it will be a huge loss for the maker.

What you think ,Is it right to ban the movie by the govt just because some people are against the release ,comment your view in comment section.

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