Padmaavat scores huge in the extended weekends of 4 days


After so many controversy and uneasiness in the country , Padmavaat finally released in the country except 4 states(Rajasthan ,MP ,Gujrat and Goa) because of Violence activity  by Karni Sena.

On its first day ,it collected approx 18 cr which is good but not great .Big hindi market is missing because movie did not release there ,so no collection from 4 states.It could be 30cr+ which is huge for non holiday release.

Tomorrow is national holiday ,so huge jump we can expect .It would be good if the movie collect 30cr + on the national holiday . It is very important to show huge jump to recover the cost of the film which is approx 200 cr.

The maker of the film still trying to release the film in the region where it did not release .So if it also release in the rest state ,It has huge chance to do great business because movies feedback is very positive .

Padmaavat showed a huge jump on its second day which was a national holiday(26th January). It jumped around 65% from thurday . Friday figures are coming in the range on 30.5cr which brings its two days total of 48.5cr (excluding paid preview which is approx 5cr)

Its good sign for the film because of its high production cost .Movie is universally accepted and there is very good chance of sustainability.

Saturday will be crucial for the film ,if it sustains well then huge weeknd is on the cards despite of non release in four states.

Finally something good comes for the maker of the movie in terms of boxoffice collection . Padmavaat collected huge 105 cr in the 4 days which is great despite the movie did not release in the 4 states(Rajathan ,MP ,Gujrat and Goa).These  for days collection could cross 150 cr if the movie would have got smooth release across the country .

On Sunday ,again it showed jump from Saturday and it sustains well .it collected 30cr on its first Sunday .

Now weekdays will be crucial for the film .Its very important for the movie to sustain in weekdays because of its high production cost of 200cr .If the movie cross 170 cr in its first week ,it will be great relief for the producer.

Movies accepted by the audience in a very positive way . It got good response from the critics also .So it’s a win win situation for the film in case of feedback which is the main to survive the film  in the long run .

If in the coming weeks ,it gets its release in Rajasthan ,MP ,Gujrat and goa  , movie has the potential to collect big number at the boxoffice in the long run .

Box office collection of the four days-

Thursday – 18cr

Friday      – 30.5cr

Saturday-  27cr

Sunday-  30cr

Total – 105 cr (excluding paid preview)


Dirty politics :Padmavat on huge loss : Did not screen in 4 states

Even after getting clearance from supreme court , Film is not released in 4 states including Rajasthan, MP, Gujrat and goa .In Bihar also it did not release most of the places . All the states are BJP ruling states and it’s a big set back as an Indian where we respect  honorable supreme court order in every aspect but they refused to do so .

When government of states don’t follow the order of honorable supreme court ,it’s a big threat for the  democracy . If they will encourage organization like Karni Sena ,they are doing to do same in the future  again and again .

Karni sena  able to ban the film at least in 4 states with his violence activity. They throw stone on the children school bus and our government  in different states are just watching  it like a show . when we will stop showing this hypocrisy and vote bank politics.

Well film is not releasing in 4 states and it will be a huge loss for the maker from business point of view.

What you think ,share your opinion in the comment section .


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