Pad Man Movie Review : First Day First Show

pad man

Today Pad Man movie released all over the world . Here is the Pad Man movie Review after the first day first show on gives news instantly be it movie review , box office collection or any other gossip of bollywood.

 Director- R.Balki

Star Cast-  Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte ,Sonam Kapoor

 Movie Rating-  4*/5


Pad Man Movie -Story Engagement

Pad Man has a topic which never portrayed before .Its a topic which Indian hesitate to talk about .So every body as an audience wants to know what will happen next with every passing scene.

First half is losing in some scene but that hardly makes any difference due to the unique  concept of the movie.

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In the second half movie is very engaging .It will tight you on your seat with every passing scene. The second half of the movie is really a winner .You could not stop yourself laughing and clapping on some scene . Akshay made those scene more powerful because of his comic timing.

Overall story engagement for a movie like Pad Man is Good.

Rating of Story Engagement – 3.5*/5

 Pad Man Movie  –Actors Performance Review

 Akshay Kumar doing performance oriented movie from last 2-3 years .He added Pad Man also in that series. His performance is power packed .He is redefining himself with all these social drama films with a powerful message .Air Lift ,Toilet:Ek Prem Katha and now Pad Man. He is winner in all the films as an actor.

Radhika Apte is a very good actor and he fully justifies her character in the film.

Sonam Kapoor has a short cameo in the second half .Her presence made some scene very glamours

Movie Like Pad Man needs great performance to make people believe in the story.All the main lead in the film justify their character.

Rating of Actors Performances- 4*/5

Pad Man Movie  – Direction Review

 R.Balki ‘s Padman  is a simple story of Indian society. He always picks up some real topic of Indian Society which are unusual . Pad Man is also a topic which no body wants to talk about .He created some really amazing scene to tell this story .

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He is losing in some scene in the first half which I cant reveal otherwise he did his job with full perfection.

Only a mature director can tell such type of story .I must say he is the best director for such type of movie.

Rating of Direction- 3.5*/5

Pad Man Movie –Music/Background Score Review

Music is not very popular but you will enjoy the music with the film in theatre. when you will be in love with story ,you will love music also.

Background score is very good ,I would say.

Rating of Music/Background score- 4*/5

Pad Man Movie :Box office Prediction

Pad man is a movie which has a unique topic .It has a social message which is getting viral everywhere .People  from the industry are also promoting this on social media from last few days .Akshay gesture of postponing the movie for Padmavat already made this movie a hot topic .So it will get very good start for sure.

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Movie is very good for the people who love good story telling with something unique. Movie reports are very positive .People are loving the message in the film.

So we think movie will do around 130-150 cr business. It could beat Akshay’s highest grosser Toilet:Ek prem Katha .

What you think after watching the movie ,share your opinion in the comment section.


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