No Bollywood Celebs Will Come On Kapil Sharma Show: A Big Set Back For The Comedian

Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is the only comedian in India who took the comedy to the top level in the television industry. His show was the number one show on Colors when he was working with Colors and then the number one show Sony Tv when he worked with Sony Tv. It was because of his popularity that even the big superstar like Salman, Shahrukh or Amitabh Bachchan used to wait on the set for hours to finish the shoot for the show. But the day when duo Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma had fight for personal reasons, the TRP of the show went down so much that the show was stopped by Sony.

As the show was closed by Sony and so much was written against Kapil and his behaviour in the media. Kapil Sharma could not manage the negativity around him and he did something which was not acceptable for anyone. He called a journalist and abused him in every possible way he could. The journalist put the audio of their conversation on youtube and the world came to know another face of Kapil Sharma where he can abuse anyone mother and sister in every possible way. Kapil Sharma was trolled badly on the social media. Celebs from TV and Film Industry who were supposed to be the friend of Kapil Sharma decided to stay away from this. As the image is everything for a person who is a public figure, no one wants to be associated with a person who abused someone unnecessarily.

Recently some picture of Kapil Sharma has been viral from the Versova beach where he was jogging. As per Reports, he is working hard to put himself in the shape as he is going to start his comedy show soon. But when the news of his new comedy show out, another set back came for Kapil Sharma. Bollywood celebs are not interested to come on his again. So many movies are lined up for release but not even a single producer, director or actor wants to promote their movies on the show hosted by Kapil Sharma.

Well, this is not a great news at all for everyone who is associated with the show. As Bollywood celebs always a plus point for the TRP of any show. But this time nothing is working in the favour of Kapil Sharma. It will be interesting to see how much successful the show will be as compared to the last shows.

What do you think, Bollywood Celebs absence will affect the popularity of the show on Television? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.


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