New Bollywood Movies and their press release

Out of the many questions that have been asked to many blogging sites of the Bollywood; it has been very evident that writing about New Bollywood Movies is a kind of glam job, where people have to do nothing but to air kiss the celebrities and spend the entire day watching about them. The seven important things that can be learnt from different blogging sites can be noted as follows:

1. Every Star has a different schedule

When it comes to the appearance of certain event, it is important to note that every star has a unique schedule. Although, it is always advisable to be on time so that you don’t miss the event due to being late; but at the same time, you just have to keep yourself well entertained so that you don’t have to sit idle without doing everything. Further to which, it has been observed that certain stars come perpetually late, in order to increase their stardom. However, if you are ready to wait till their arrival, you have to be sure that you will not be bored.

2. Depending upon the screen, movie can be prejudged!

There are certain signals depending upon which you can prejudge the movie! For example, in general the release day for every movie is Friday and the previous day is allocated for press release. However, in case of certain exceptional cases, when the film is released on Thursday; the press screening is generally scheduled on Wednesday, as in cases of movies like Burfi. Experts suggest that if the film makers are confident about the film and are expecting good returns, they would generally hold it a day earlier to get maximum reviews. So, in general the success of the film is guessed on the basis of its press screening.

3. The smaller the star the bigger the ego

This one is too obvious! Big stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Imran Khan, etc. are known for their hospitality gestures. On the contrary, smaller celebrities can keep most of the bloggers waiting for unnecessary reasons.

4. Everyone is not paid for

It generally understood that if any press has specified good things about any artist; then it is paid for that particular publicity. However, it is not always the case. Money does not always play in between. In fact, publicity can always be genuine, in certain cases.

5. Always expect the unexpected

There are celebrities, who intentionally try to be in front of cameras by having longer conversation with senior celebrities, try to interview their star kids in the middle of the event, point out at the press reporters to be noticed, and can even go to the extent of stripping of in front of the cameras. Thus, it is to be noted that in case of the release function of the New Bollywood Movies, you can always expect the unexpected as the event can go off in any direction.


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