Mission Impossible-Fallout Second Thursday Collection: Two Weeks Box Office Collection After 14 Days

Mission Impossible Fallout featuring Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible Fallout featuring TOm Cruise

Mission Impossible Fallout holds really well in the second week at Indian Box Office. The collections of the movie were better than all the new Hindi releases. MI6 added another 1.3 crores on its last day of the second week which takes its total to approx 71 crores. The movie collected approx 17 crores in its second week which is much better than the first-week box office collection of Fanny Khan, Karwaan and Kurban. Vishwaroopam 2 is released today but the movie does not seem to affect the other movie in the Hindi market. It could affect the movie down the south as the star of the movie Kamal Haasan has more mass appeal in the most of the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka.

MI6 has chances to collect some decent numbers in the coming 5 days. Gold and Sataymev Jayate will release on 15th August means both are the mid-week release and going to have an extended weekend. So both the movie will affect MI6 business big time and it will hardly collect some bucks after 15th August. Below is the day-wise box office collection of Mission Impossible- Fallout. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Friday- 8.8 Crores

Saturday- 12 Crores

Sunday- 15.5 Crores

First Weekend- 36.3 Crores

Monday- 5.5 Crores

Tuesday- 4.8 Crores

Wednesday- 4.3 Crores

Thursday- 4.1 Crores

First Week Total – 54 Crores

8th Day – 3 crores

9th  Day- 3.3 Crores

10th Day- 4 Crores

Second Weekend- 10.3 Crores

11th Day- 1.8 Crore

12th Day- 1.6 Crores

13th Day- 1.5 Crores

14th Day- 1.3 Crores

Second Week Total- 16.5 Crores

Total Box Office Collection in India- 70.5 Crores ( 14 Days)

Feel free to share your opinion about the Mission Impossible Fallout content as compared to the previous instalment of the movie, the movie’s performance at Indian Box office or any other opinion about the movie. Let us know in the comment section.

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