Mission: Impossible- Fallout Movie Review: Tom Cruise Best Impossible Mission Ever

Mission Impossible Fallout Review
Mission Impossible Fallout Review

One of the most successful series of Hollywood Mission Impossible back with another instalment. Tom Cruise the leading man and also the producer of the movie also injured his ankle during the shoot which somewhere made it more costly and added some more million in its budget. Today the movie released worldwide and if people will love it, nothing is expensive for the movies like Mission Impossible. It is the sixth instalment of the movie with new name Mission: Impossible- Fallout with the same director who directed the last instalment Mission: Impossible Robust Nation. Christopher McQuarrie is the only director who was repeated by the producer since the starting of the series in 1996.

So How is Mission: Impossible- Fallout? How is the performance of the best action hero in the world Tom Cruise? How is the direction of Christopher McQuarrie? We will tell you the Mission: Impossible- Fallout Movie Review in different section exclusively on Bollywood Tower.

 Director- Christopher McQuarrie

Star Cast-  Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Michelle Monaghan

 Movie Rating-  4*/5

Mission: Impossible- Fallout  -Story Engagement

Well, its a mission Impossible series, So definitely they will go for another mission. But this time Ethan Hunt( Tom Cruise) and his team has the responsibility to save the world from the nuclear threat. Nuclear threat to the world is the concept of the movie and how the whole team Ethan Hunt save the whole world from the Nuclear attack, the movie is all about this mission which looks quite impossible more than any other Mission Impossible series on screen. The story is very engaging, the movie will engage you with you with its suspense and action scenes which are amazing and better than what you had already seen in the last few instalments.

I will go with 4 stars out of 5 for story engagement.

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Rating of Story Engagement – 4*/5

Mission: Impossible- Fallout –Actors Performance Review

Tom Cruise delivered one of the best performance of his career. His ability to do action scenes at such a big scale is quite impressive at the age of 56. This time he even injured his ankle while filming the action scenes. But this could not affect his enthusiasm for doing action scenes on his own. He is the only star in Hollywood who never use the body double for any level of action scenes. A hero who is the main lead of the movie can never look good if his team does not perform well. The work of all the actors is very good and it appears on the screen. You can not detach yourself to express your emotion with any character.

Rating of Actors Performances- 4*/5

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Mission: Impossible- Fallout – Direction Review

Christopher McQuarrie delivered another promising work with Mission Impossible Fallout. He is a very good storyteller with suspense and full of action. The action scenes of car races, rooftop races, fist fight and helicopter scenes engaged with the story supremely. As a director, he played Action with suspense and emotion with high superiority.

I will go with 4* out of 5 for Direction of the movie.

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Rating of Direction- 4*/5

Last Word For Mission: Impossible- Fallout

Mission: Impossible- Fallout is a must watch the movie for everyone who loves action thriller with high suspense. Tom Cruise fans should not miss the movie to watch the best performance of their favourite star on screen. Mission: Impossible- Fallout will be the most successful among all its instalment.

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