#MeToo Movement Getting Its Ground: List Of Big Names Included In Sexually Harassment Against Women

Metoo Movement List of Celebs involved in Sexually harassing women
Metoo Movement List of Celebs involved in Sexually harassing women

#MeToo Movement which started three weeks ago when Tanushree accused veteran actor Nana Patekar for sexual harassment on the set of Horn OK Please. After Tanushree statement against the Nana Patekar, Choreographer Ganesh Acharya and the producer of the movie, it seems a lot of women got the strength and speaking out their experience. Well, this time the strong stand by all the women who were sexualy harassed turned out to be really well When the shooting of big budget movie like Housefull 4 starring Akshay Kumar halted as the director Sajid Khan is allegedly involved in the sexually harassing three ladies on the set of his previous movies. Aamir Khan announced on twitter not to collaborate with T-series for their next Gulshan Kumar Biopic “Mogul” as the director involved in the same #metoo movement.

Bollywood Tower brought the list of Bollywood celebs involved in the case of sexually harassing women. We will keep updating the list as the movement is getting its ground with every passing day and now getting the support from the big clebs like Akshay and Aamir Khan. A star is a star because of his image in the public, that is the reason these big stars are taking the stand of not working with the people who are involved in the #metoo movement. As social media reach is getting bigger and better every day, it gave power to the common man to speak up and share their point of view. That is why the movement like #metoo is getting bigger and better otherwise the same kind of cases happened in the past as well but all the stars never spoke about it and never took a stand against the people involved in such type of cases.

Here is the list of the people accused in #metoo movement exclusively on Bollywood Tower.

Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan was accused by three women in the industry. Saloni Chopra, Simran Suri and journalist Karishmau accused Sajid Khan for misbehaving and taking below the belt with a woman. Here is the details what they said about Sajid on the social network Twitter.

  1. Nana Patekar
  2. Alok Nath
  3. Vikas Bahl
  4. Vivek Agnihotri
  5. Chetan Bhagat
  6. Rajat Kapoor
  7. Kailash Kher
  8. Shyam Kaushal
  9. Subhash Kapoor
  10. Subahsh Ghai


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