Mahesh Bhatt inspired Everyone :Its never too late to start exercise

mahesh bhatt bollywood tower
mahesh bhatt bollywood tower

Mahesh Bhatt is one of the well known director in bollywood . There was a time when he was addicted with alcohol . He was so obessed with alcohol that it affected his family completely.Then the time came when get rid of alcohol addiction and set example for everyone .

Now one picture of Mahesh Bhatt trending on social media in which he is doing excercise in gym . This is something really inspiring .

It shows that its never too late to start excercise or anything in life . It is up to you what you want to do in your life .

Mahesh Bhatt’ daughter Alia bhatt is at thr peak of her carrer at the age of 25.she always spot outside gym . So might be Bhatt sahab took some advise from Alia .

Well very few people know that Alia bhatt was the big reason when he decided not to take alcohol any more .

In an interview he explained –

There was a time when I attached completely myself to alcohol . I knew my family was suffering because of this but I could not do anything . As it was a big addiction .

He further added –

It was the time when Alia was born . She was 2 year old at that time . One day when her mother handed her to me . When she was in my arms and i was trying to play with her , she was trying to escape herself from me .As the alcohol smell was coming out from my mouth.

That was the time I decided to quit it . And i stopped taking it from that day . That was the  day and today i never touched it.

Well this is really inspiring story which Mahesh Bhatt explained on Anupam Kher show . Anupam kher who is very close to Mahesh Bhatt knew all these things that is why he asked him about it.

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Alia Bhatt did something which seemed impossible . She did not even knew about it before this interview.

Now she achieved stardom at early age of her life .Her performance in every film creating a landmark .she is also very keen of doing exercise on daily basis to keep herself healthy.

Alia Bhatt in gym bollywoodtower
Alia Bhatt in gym bollywoodtower

Mahesh Bhatt directed many award winning films . His film sarransh is the most appreciated film of his career .

His last film ad a director was Kartoos which released in 1999.

He still works and produce films under his production .

Mahesh Bhatt generally put his point of view bluntly on every social problem .

what you think about Mahesh Bhatt excercise which begins at the age of 69?

share your opinion in the comment section.

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