Latest Bollywood Hindi Movies: The Untold Saga!

Since, the beginning of Bollywood industry in the year 1913, when a first silent film of Raja Harishchandra was released; the industry has evolved to many leaps and folds. The industry is now equipped with the latest ideas and technology that is being reflected in today’s Latest Bollywood Hindi Movies.


Bollywood cinema has always been a great source of information conveyed through good entertainment foundation for us, since the silent era of Indian cinema. Today, it is being popularly identified as the perfect blend of all the facets of Indian traditions, such as drama, action, comedy, adventure, and love. However, with the great advancements of technology and understanding, this panorama of Indian Bollywood movies changed dramatically. The cinema is portrayed in the form of new ideas, and wider access to different geographical areas. The theme, the style, and even the accessibility have improved to a great extent.

Indian cinema 1913 to date                           

An era of 1913 was believed to be the mythological era of Indian Cinema; after the release of Raja Harishchandra. The film was a complete silent movie, wherein the female roles were also served by male actors. Since acting was quite an indecent profession those days. Since then the world of Bollywood only revolved around Ramayana and Mahabharata. In those days also, Indian cinema was flaunting a tradition of music and dance; as it has been an integral part of our culture since the past 4000 years ago.

The golden era of Hindi Cinema began after 1950, which was supported with many talented directors such as Bimal Roy, Raj Kapoor, Guru Datta etc. This was precisely a time, when Indian cinema had been recognized in different countries of the world, such as China, Russia etc.

The true popularity of Bollywood cinema started propagating across the world, in the year 1970; thanks to the entry of legendary stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor etc. Through their great acting talents, these stars were able to reach to every nook and corners of the world. This was the time when different issues related to the society, such as social discrimination, social injustice etc. were highlighted.

In 1980 as well, the same social challenges were being put forth even in love films and were presented with fresh faces like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan etc.

Today, Indian cinema is becoming a bit more realistic, through their recent presentations, such as lagan, Bombay etc. These movies have won great acknowledgments throughout the world.

According to the recent declaration of the European committee almost 1274 movies are being released in India per annum, whereas almost 14 million people are visiting the cinema hall today daily. However, it is very important to understand that there is lot more about Indian cinema that should be conveyed through the latest Bollywood Movies; in order to make us aware of its culture and traditions.


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