Jalebi, Helicopter Eela, Tumbaad And FryDry Are Dull, Andhadhun Had Strong Hold On Its Second Friday

Jalebi Helicopter Eela Tumbaad And FryDry Movie Poster
Jalebi Helicopter Eela Tumbaad And FryDry Movie Poster

Four Hindi movies released this Friday with a disaster opening. Jalebi, Helicopter Eela, Tumbaad and FryDry all had occupancy below 5%. Helicopter Eela is the only one movie which has a star face Kajol but that also did not help the movie to grab the eyeball of the public. The movie had occupancy of 3-4 % and it was hardly 6-7% in the evening shows. Reports of all the movie are not so strong to pull them off at the ticket window except Tumbaad. Tumbaad also had the disaster occupancy of 2-3% all over India but whoever watched the movie loved this horror drama and compared with Stree and The Nun which were released a month ago. It will be interesting to see how well Tumbaad will grow over its first weekend as it had to grow really well then only it can sustain well as well over weekdays.

Below is the First Day Box office collection of All the new releases. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Jalebi- 50 Lakhs

Helicopter Eela- 70 Lakhs

Tumbaad- 40 Lakhs

Fry Dry-  35 Lakhs

Watch out the public Review of Jalebi in the below video.

Check out the Helicopter Eela Public Review in the below video.

Andhadhun Eight Day Box Office Collection: Had  Strong Hold On Second Friday 

After a successful first week and strong hold over weekdays in the first week, the movie had a strong hold on its second Friday. Andhadhun collected 1.8 crores on its second Friday which takes its total to 27.8 crores in eight days. All the new releases are dull and Andhadhun has high chances to grow on Saturday and Sunday. Below is the day-wise box office collection of Andhadhun. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Friday- 2.5 Crores

Saturday-  5 Crores

Sunday- 7 Crores

First Weekend – 14.5 Crores

Monday- 3 Crores

Tuesday- 2.9 Crores

Wednesday- 3 Crores

Thursday- 2.6 Crores

First Week- 26 Crores 

Friday- 1.8 Crores

Total Box Office Collection- 27.8 Crores ( 8 Days)

What do you think about the performance of Andhadhun at the ticket window? Let us know in the comment section.


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