Irrfan Khan Fear And Pain In His First Open Letter To His Fans After Diagnosed With Cancer

Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan

One of the finest actor of all time in Bollywood. He is the one who helps Bollywood to fame in the world cinema. Irrfan Khan is diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour a few months ago. Including his fans, Irrfan himself was in shock. He did not even react after diagnoses with Cancer. Irrfan directly flies to the UK for his treatment.

Now after a month, he opened up about his situation and his treatment in the UK. He expressed his fear and pain which he felt during this journey of two months and still on road for the unknown duration of time. In his interview with one of the leading newspaper of India, he expressed his every bit of feeling which he felt. He was in fear, he was in pain, he was hopeless, he was depressed. At the age of 50 when his dreams were on sky high, he was on a journey which has many achievements to come. But forcefully I was stopped by someone to stop everything here and get down. I was speechless and helpless. I was in a situation where I could not do anything.

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He further added-

When I got to know It was rare and very few case study has been done. It means the unpredictable result of treatment in front of me. I was not ready for this situation at this point of time. I want to overcome myself to this pain and depression which I felt when I came to know. But I was unable to do so and I was hit by pain, fear and depression.

But this hardcore feeling made him surrender, submit and trust irrespective of what could be the outcome of this journey.

This is the first time when Irrfan spoke about his whole journey of more than two months. He was in shock but now he is feeling strong enough to fight this unexpected dilemma.

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We all hope that Irrfan will get well soon. Like his journey in Bollywood, he will do something expected during this journey of fear and pain. He will soon come out of this and entertain India once again.


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