Inder Kumar Self Recorded video before his suicide will make you cry

Inder Kumar Bollywood tower
Inder Kumar Bollywood tower

Inder Kumar a 43 year old actor passed away last year on 28th July 2017 . Heart attack in late night was the reason told by family members . He was sick for a long time and was in depression because of his career .People close to him were not satisfied with the reason explained by the family . At that time matter was closed few days after his death .

Now after almost a year , a video on you tube is getting viral . Check out the video in which Inder Kumar is fully drunk . Watch out the full video which is very emotional .

He accepted that his unusual love affair destroyed him completely . Inder Kumar was claimed to rape a 23 year old actress . He was under trail under section 376 and 506 which are for rape and casting couch . Inder Kumar promised the actress to give her the main lead in his films. He forced the 23 year old girl to stay with him in his Andheri Flat.

credit-Video from youtube Ramgopal Production Official

Inder Kumar started his career in 1996 with film “Massom” . He was also the co-star in Wanted against salman khan . He was close to him but when he was charged for rape case , Salman Khan avoided questions many time in media interaction about his friendship with Inder Kumar.

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Some people claimed that this video is not about his death but it is about his upcoming film . Soon his wife will clarify the details of the viral video.

Inder Kumar was found dead in his house on 28 july 2017 . In postmortem report heart attack was the reason given due to depression and  excessive use of alcohol .

This is the harsh reality of Bollywood where actor come to become big star . But in lack of work they face depression .Then they start drinking and this goes on and on . Girls , Alcohol and no work , this is reality of the industries’s unemployed actors . This is something which we can never see on screen .

A lot of movies were made based on the reality in Bollywood  . Movies like Fashion , heroine portrayed the harsh reality of Bollywood .

what you think about this viral video of Inder Kumar ?

Is it really for the film promotion as claimed by family member ?

Is it the harsh reality of Bollywood  ?

share your opinion in the comment section.

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