How Sunny Leone changed her Image from a porn star to well respected actress in Bollywood

sunny Leone Bollywoodtower
sunny Leone Bollywoodtower

sunny Leone from a famous porn star ,she became a famous celebrity in Bollywood . Before she entered in the Bollywood ,most of the people in India did not know him except some dedicated lover of pornography .Indian audience and Bollywood industry accepted her with open hand . And now she is a very well known personality in Bollywood as an actress who go to party in every well known family in Bollywood .

But how did it happen ??

In an Indian audience where most of the people do not even allow a girl to have a boyfriend. It was difficult and if you will look in hind-side it was impossible.

But it became possible. she changed her image without completely detaching herself that industry she belonged to.

why I am saying so ??

Is she still do pornography ??

No, she does not do pornography any more. But her official website where she put her pornography video in the past is still active. She still earns money from this source.

Whenever she was asked about her past in different mode like media do i.e

Do you regret what you did ??

You want to go back in that industry ??

Why your site is still active if you do not want to go back in that industry ??

These all media question can irritate anyone.  But she answered every question in a very polite way with grounded nature.

She said – I do not regret what I did. Whatever I did was the need of mine at that time. I did not have money at that time. So I did it. Whatever I did is legal in the country where I worked. I did that work for money, so why would I shut my official website which is a regular source of income for me.

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The answer to the question of going back to the industry – she said – No I do not want to go back to that industry. Right now I am financially stable and married to a very lovable person So why would I go back. I love Bollywood people, even they love me. Everyone is very warm to me since the starting from Salman Khan to Shahrukh Khan. Salman Khan who is one biggest star in Bollywood behaved so well to me when I had only one image of a porn star who does not have a reputated image.

So How did it happen ??

sunny leone bollywoodtower
sunny leone bollywoodtower

How did Sunny Leone changed her Image from a Porn Star to well known and Respected person In Bollywood

How she changed her image ??

Entry in Bigg Boss

Wel,l we all know Bigg Boss is a controversial show and they always look forthe controversial celebrity .

But why did they pick sunny Leone ??

Well, sunny Leon is Indian as one her parents is Indian . So they approached her to participate in the show .

when sunny Leone was asked by her entry in Bigg Boss . She said –

Bigg Boss producer approached me and it was a great opportunity for me . I never thought I would be accepted by Indian audience in such a way but at least I can try .So I said Yes and rest is history.

But every celebrity does not get that much popularity even in Bigg boss .

one of the reason was her past . Indian news channel had a long debate about “How Colors allow a porn star to enter in a show who is a family show ” . It is destroying our culture and blah blah like they do .

Second reason was Our bollywood two bhai Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan who were hosting the show at that time . They gave her extra attention .

Mahesh Bhutt approached Sunny Leone for a film In the bigg Show 

well, Bhutt family is known for making bod film . Mahesh Bhutt took permission from Bigg Boss producer and went in Bigg boss house . He approached her for Murder series . well, this is what she want . She lapped the offer immediately . she came in Bigg Boss just to enter the bollywood and this was direct entry without any struggle.

Our Indian media who run  news about sunny Leon so many time that everyone was searching about her on google . She became the most searchable celebrity on google in India .

sunny-leone swimming pool bollywoodtower
sunny-leone swimming pool bollywoodtower

Release Of Murder Starring Sunny Leone Directed by Pooja Bhatt

well Murder got extra publicity because of Sunny Leon . Movie was halted by censor because of some scene in the film . Every negative point was only creating anticipation for the film in Indian audience . Movie opened with a bang and did great business even after an below average content.

Almost Every Bold film series producer approached her for her next

After the success of Murder, Every Producer who want to produce a film on a bold subject approached .

She accepted the offer one after the other like ragini MMS and many more .

Now she is not only doing the film but famous item songs in the big budget like Raees .

sunny leoen hot bollywoodtower
sunny leoen hot bollywoodtower

Now she established herself in a country like India where even Government ban the porn site officially. She survived , settled and make over her image .

This is because of her hard work , dedication , well behavior and capability of handling media in a proper way .

Well, every body deserve a second chance in life and she got it and use it properly.

What you think about sunny Leone and her journey in bollywood . share your  opinion in the comment section.

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