Hindi Movies Old Generations

Bollywood and its association in Releasing Hindi Movies has been since ages; and currently, it is indeed considered to be one of the largest functional industries across the globe, in the context of revenue and business. Statistical survey suggests a total production of around 800 movies annually i.e. comprising of total of 20% of the production.

Hindi movies are being widely acknowledged by national as well as international audiences across every nook and corner of the world, ever since its first establishment by the year 1930s. It is commonly being identified as the package deal consisting of action, mystery, drama, horror and romance. Indian directors like to include variety of genres; in order to create social as well as emotional awareness. Research accordingly suggest that initial few years of establishments of Hindi movies only epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata were exploited to spread the wave of samskara, Dharam, Neeti and Pratishtha. Other than proposed, initial movies also spread the values like truth, honesty, morals and integrity; the era was thus all about these morals.

The next couple of decades were identified to be the golden era of Hindi movies, wherein Raj Kapoor flourished with his exclusive movies, like Shree 420, Awara, etc. Moreover, through movies such as Guru Dutt’s pyasa a strong exhibition of rural India and the rituals followed were being portrayed. The Hemant Gupta released movie Anand Math is one such picturization of sanyasi rebellion, which explains the horror of famine culture especially when India was ruled over by Britishers. There were also some romantic releases like Devdaas, Madhumati, Mughal-e-Azam etc. wherein the movies tried to spread the message of true love, pain and grief associated with it.

In the subsequent periods, social issues and melodrama were become integral parts of the Hindi movies, Films that have raised the social issues and issues associated with rural culture of India, like Jis Desh main Ganga behti hai, Asli-Nakli etc. Whereas, P.L. Santoshi’s Barsaat ki Raat and other movies as well touched the heart of the masses; in fact, the movie has become the musical hit that is still being remembered.

The new millennium has presented many good Hindi Movies to us, such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Dil Chahta Hai. The current era is identified to be the era of real world, wherein real stories are being picturized in melodramatic manner to the world, such as Parmanu, Lagaan, etc. Although, romance has never been out of Hindi Cinema, time and again it is ruling the box office as well as the world.


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