Here are 10 Reasons why Salman Khan Beat Everyone in Stardom

salman khan biggest superstar Bollywoodtower
salman khan biggest superstar Bollywoodtower

Salman khan who is getting bigger and better with every passing year . He is the man who become a man of midas touch . Its not only a filmy line he actually proved it by delivering . His movies also used to great business ,some were flops also but whenever movie was good it became biggest hit of that particular year .This is something which does not happen with every good movie as far as box office collection are concerned . Since last one decade he did not see an failure except Tubelight which is also a profitable venture for him .

Here are 10 reasons which Bollywoodtower analyse about salman khan which makes him different from other and helped him to achieve such a massive star status.

 First Six Pack Star

He was the first one who introduced six pack in Bollywood . Pyar kiya To Darna Kya was a big hit and youth of India fall in love with body building . Everyone was trying to be fit and muscular like salman .

2  His Affair with most Beautiful lady of B-town

He is the man who had affair with most beautiful and popular woman of B-town . His famous love affair starting from Sangeeta Bijlani to Somi Ali , Asihwarya Rai(most famous one ) , Katrina kaif , Zareen Khan . These links up news made him famous among college youth . He is the who is always a hot topic for gossip for any cinema lover.

His Court cases

His Black Buck case (1998) and Hit and Run case(2002) created a negative image for the actor . But some B-town analyst thinks that these cases created trouble for the actor in real life not in reel life . Analyst thinks that these court cases made him more popular among masses .

Dont Care Attitude

His dont care attitude is very popular among youth . His fight with Sharukh khan , Aishwarya , with so many media personality . once he slapped Subhash Ghai in the begining of his career . He is the man who dont give a damn the people whom he dont like irrespective of his star status . That makes him macho , studd and bhai of Bollywood.

5  Helping Nature 

Salman khan is some one who always helps other . He is the one who launch many new comers and helped a lot of big star in the beginning of their career where she is Aishwarya Rai , Katrina Kaif , Zareen Khan , Himesh Reshmiya ,sajid wajid and may more .He is the man who is known for his golden heart.

6. Consistent Controversial Life

He was always in the controversy for different reason . Being always in the news for such a long time is also a big reason to make him so popular among all age groups.

7  Consistent Commercial Success for a complete Decade

Since Dabangg in 2010 , he gave hits after hits . Right now in 2018 after 10 years he has 15 Blockbuster in his kitty in 10 years . He has only one flop Tubelight . Its a very big achievement in today’s  time where superstar like Aamir khan do average  1 films in 2 years ,He released average 2 films every year.

8. Huge success on TV

when Amitabh Bachchan and sharukh khan started doing TV shows on TV . No body could even think of Salman khan doing any TV shows .But when he entered on TV with Dus Ka Dum , he broke all the record of TRP on small screen . It broke all the TRP records of reality TV shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati . He did two season of Dus Ka Dum . After that he started doing Bigg Boss Season 4 . His presence made Bigg Boss so popular that its TRP became four times . Now Bigg Boss become synonymous of Salman khan . Currently its in the 11th season and running successfully.

9 Massive Bhai Fan Following

There are two type of cinema lover – First – “I like Salman khan ” and second – “I only like Salman khan “. Salman khan has second type of fan following . Salman khan fans like only salman khan . If some one says something wrong about salman khan on social media ,Millions of fan comes in his support.

10 Being Human Charity Foundation 

He started his charity foundation Being Human in 2008 . All the bollywood star comes in support of salman khan to endorse Being Human foundation . Since then Being human is growing every year and his charity count to the people are increasing with every passing year . Last year Being Human Foundation revenue was 380 Cr . Recently he launched Being Human Electric cycle .

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