Gold Six Days Box Office Collection: Monday Box Office Collection Out

Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy In Gold Movie Song
Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy In Gold Movie Song

Gold dropped on its First Monday after an extended weekend of five days. It was expected but the movie could surprise if it would have done 5 crores plus business on its first Monday. But the movie dropped heavily and collected only 3.5 Crores on its first Monday. It takes the total of Gold to a huge 78.20 crores in six days which is great. Well, the movie has already collected big numbers in its initial five days, this is one of the reasons to drop heavily on Monday. The movie is performing well in metro cities but weak in the mass centres where Satyameva jayate is doing better than Gold.

The movie might drop in the coming weekdays which is not for the movie. From the current scenario, the movie is looking at 85 crores plus first week. As we predicted that the clash between Gold and Satyameva Jayate will eat business of each other in the long run and now it started from Monday itself. As Gold is dominating in the metro cities it is affecting Satyameva Jayate in multiplexes and Satyameva Jayate is performing better in mass centres, So it is affecting Gold in mass centres. So its never been healthy when two big movies come on the same day. They somehow affect the business of each other either in initial days or in the long run.

Below is the day-wise box office collection of Gold. You are reading this article on Bollywood Tower.

Wednesday- 24.70 Crores

Thursday- 11 Crores 

Friday- 8 Crores

Saturday- 14.5 Crores

Sunday- 16.5 Crores

First Weekend Total- 74.70 Crores ( 5 Days Extended Weekend)

Monday- 3.5 Crores

Total Box Office collection- 78.20 Crores (6 Days )

What do you think about Gold and its content?  Let us know your honest opinion in the comment section.

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