Farhan Akhtar Got angry over sharing PM Modi and Asaram Pictures together

farhan Akhtar on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower
farhan Akhtar on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower

Farhan Akhtar expressed his anger on twitter on sharing PM Modi and Asaram pictures together. PM modi and Asaram were sharing stage during one function in Gujarat . At that time Narender Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat .

Today Asaram is convicted in the rape case . He is sentenced for life time imprisonment. when verdict came out ,people on the social media starts sharing pictures of PM and Asaram .

It made bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar  angry .He twitted –

So Asaram is a child rapist and he has been found guilty Good. But can people stop sharing images of him with PM Modi Patronising him before he was exposed to be a pervert is no crime .

Lets be fair and give him the benefit of doubt that he like us did not know.

farhan Akhtar on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower
farhan Akhtar on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower

Richa chadda also reacted on this . she said-

we can stop calling him “the accused” and starts calling him “The Rapist” #AsaramVerdict

Richa chadda on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower
Richa chadda on pm modi and asaram bollywoodtower

Family of the girl reacted to the verdict of court in their favor. They said –

we are happy with the verdict .After the struggle of 4 years , we won . Many of the eye witness were threatened during this trail by Asaram ‘s followers . 

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One teacher expressed his satisfaction over the verdict –

I am continuously getting  threatened call from Asarama Follower to change the birth date of girl so that he can be evaded from the POCSO act (POCSO- protection of children from sexual offences ).

Well Farhan Akhtar is reacting absolutely right . No body knew before this case about him . So we should not share the pictures of the past .

what you think about sharing the pictures of PM modi and Asaram together ??

Is it right to blame PM modi for this ?

share your opinion in the comment section .

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