Is it dirty Politics that is not allowing salman khan to get bail in Black Buck poaching case!

Salman-Khan-blackbuck-poaching-case bollywoodtower
Salman-Khan-blackbuck-poaching-case bollywoodtower

Jodhpur session court sentenced salman khan for 5 years and fine of 10,000 rupees. Session court found rest all the star including Saif ali Khan , Tabu , Neelam and Sonali because of lack of evidence . As it was the verdict of lower court and salman can go to high court for the appeal . So his lawyer trying to get bails since yesterday .

Salman khan lawyer was trying to get bail on the same day the court announced the punishment . Lawyer put his concern on salman security issue and request judge to hear plea on his bail on the same day . But the judge did not agree on the statement by saying ” its the police responsibility to provide him security and they will do ” .

Today it was sured that he will get bail and every one was waiting for it . But every one was surprised when judhe of the session court delayed it for the tomorrow by saying ” you put so many argument in one and half hour and I need one more to read the case in details “.

well this was surprising for every one as the judge was not aware of all these things in advance or politics is going on to stop salman khan from getting bail .

Bisnoi community playing a big role in this case . They dont want salman khan to get bail . They have already expressed their anguish on the previous cases in which salman khan did not get punishment.

As the assembly elections are coming in the Rajasthan and BJP dont want to un happay Bisnoi community ,so they are playing this dirty politics to make them happy .

People who have knowledge of law , they are also questioning the verdict as on the same evidence they sentenced salman khan for five years and in case of other star court did not consider the same evidence trustworthy .

If this all is true , this is black day for indian judiciary.

what you think share your opinion in the comment section .

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