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Dilip Kumar Bollywood Tower
Dilip Kumar Bollywood Tower

Dilip Kumar Biography: Dilip Kumar is an Indian Film actor. He was born on December 11, 1992. Before his debut in the Hindi films as an actor, he changed her name from Muslim name to Hindu name. As he was a Muslim, his name was Muhammad Yusuf Khan. India is a Hindu dominated country. The owner of Bombay Talkies Devika suggested him to change his name if he wants to be a leading actor in India. He did his debut with Jwar Bhata in 1994. Because of his awesome acting skills since his debut movie, he considered as the first star who brought reality in the acting industry. That is why he is known as the tragedy King of Hindi Cinema. You are reading Dilip Kumar Biography on Bollywood Tower.

Dilip Kumar spent more than six decades in Hindi Film Industry as the leading star. He is the first star who delivered the maximum number of memorable performance in his career. His acting skills were so versatile that he played every possible character in his films. He played the impassioned, heartwarming, comical, romantic, dacoit etc.

He won the maximum number of Film Fare awards. When the Filmfare started in 1954, he was the first one to win the Best Actor Award. After 1976 he took a long break of five years from the industry. He wanted to reinvent himself as an actor. He came back in 1981 with Kranti which was a huge hit. His last movie as a leading actor was Saudaagar which was released in 1991.

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Bollywood Tower brought some interesting fact of Dilip Kumar which you might never be heard off. You are reading Dilip Kumar Biography on Bollywood Tower.

Name– Muhammad Yusuf Khan (Dilip Kumar)

Nationality– Indian

Profession– Actor

DOB– 11 December 1922

Horoscope– Sagittarius

Religion– Islam

Address– Mumbai, India

Height– 5’9″

Weight– 66 Kilogram

Figure Measurement- Not Available

Body Appearance- Not Available

Hair Colour– Salt & Pepper

Eye Colour–  Black

Debut movie – Jwar Bhata (1944)

Favourite Film– Not Available

Favourite Director– Not Available

Hit Movie–  Not Available

Favourite Actor– Ashok Kumar

Favourite Actress– Meena Kumari

Love Affairs- Kamini Kaushal

Favourite Song-Not Available

First Crush– Kamini Kaushal

Marriage– Saira Banu (1966)

Favourite Books– Not Available

Favourite Author–  Not Available

Hobbies– Hindi Song

Favourite Musician– Not Available

Inspiration– Not Available

Best phase– Not Available

The biggest hit in her career–  Not Available

Fees per film- Not Available

You are reading Dilip Kumar Biography on Bollywood Tower.

Some Interesting Fact of Dilip Kumar’s Life

He used to smoke in the early days of his life. He used to drink regularly.

Dilip Kumar was a Muslim by birth and had twelve siblings. He was the only one from his family who was an actor by profession which was not a great profession at that time.

He was born and brought up in Peshawar, then he moved to Bombay in 1930s.

Dilip Kumar changed his Muslim name to Hindu (Dilip Kumar) on the request of his first producer Devika Rani.

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He also played the role of Scriptwriter in the early stage of his career as his urdu was very good.

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