Did you Know the Longest Kiss in Bollywood was from 1933 Film Karma: Full Video

Did you Know the Longest Kiss in Bollywood was from 1933 Film Karma: Full Details
Did you Know the Longest Kiss in Bollywood was from 1933 Film Karma: Full Details

Nowadays you can see at least one kissing scene in every film. But there was a time when there was almost no kissing scene in Bollywood movies. But did you have any idea about the longest kissing in Bollywood? When was it shot? you might think that it will be shoot in the recent times. It could be from murder series, Jism series, Ragini MMS series or Hate story series. But it belongs to none of them.

The most passionate and the longest scene was shot in 1933. It was the time when women empowerment was at the worst level. People did not allow women to come out of the curtains.

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1933 film Karma released with the name Nagan Ki Ragini. The leading star of the movie Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai kissed for four minutes on the screen. The movie was criticised by the religious organisation.

Here is one clip of that kiss which was shot in 1933.

Nowadays it is quite common to kiss on screen. Even the big star like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan do not hesitate to kiss on screen. One kiss scene is quite important in the movie trailer to get the public in the theatre. Nowadays it has become a publicity instrument for director-producer to create buzz for the movie.

What do you think about Longest Kiss of Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai?

Do you think we should give this much importance to kiss on screen?

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Why our society is giving that much attention to these scenes whether positive or negative? Why it can not be as a normal scene like it happens in the west where a kissing scene is the expression of love for each other?

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Share your opinion on the kissing scene in Hindi cinema in the comment section.

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