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Dhadak Movie Review
Dhadak Movie Review

The most anticipated movie of July finally released today. Being a Dharma movie, Dhadak got every treatment to aware the audience about the movie. Janhvi Kapoor made her debut with this love story which is the official adaptation of Marathi movie Sairat. Ishaan Khatter has already made his debut with Beyond The Clouds which was released in 2017. So Dhadak is Ishaan Khatter second film as a lead actor. So How is Dhadak? How is the performance of Janhvi and Ishaan in Dhadak? How is the direction of Shashank Khaitan? How is the music? We will tell you the complete Dhadak Movie Review in different section exclusively on Bollywood Tower.

 Director- Shashank Khaitan

Star Cast-   Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor, Ashutosh Rana

 Movie Rating-  2.5*/5

Dhadak Movie  -Story Engagement

The story of Dhadak is set up in Udaipur and Kolkata. The love story started in Udaipur where Janhvi belongs to a rich family and Ishaan belongs to a middle-class family. The first half of the movie is good. There are some scenes where the movie slows down but that happens with almost every love story. But the main problem of the movie is its second half where it seems character got changed. It does not look real in many scenes. Madhu character who has been portrayed as a gutsy guy suddenly got scared like anything. Even he blames Janhvi for everything which looks very irritating on screen. The second half is completely boring. The last 15 minutes the movie is very slow and suddenly the movie got finished with a surprise. The audience in the theatre did not even believe that the movie got finished until the title credit started. The climax of the movie leaves you with a bit emotional with the movie.

I will go with 2.5* out of 5 for story engagement. Actually Second half kills the movie.

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Rating of Story Engagement – 2.5*/5

Dhadak Movie  –Actors Performance Review

Ishaan Khatter is really good in the first half. But in the second half, his character looks quite confused. He looks expressionless in some scenes of the second half. Janhvi is also average with her performance in her debut movie. It will not be fair to compare with late Sri Devi Ji but she has to work really hard on her acting skills. She looks beautiful in all the songs and some scenes also. But she looks out of shape in most of the scenes which is not a good sign for any newcomer.

I will go with 2* for Ishaan and Janhvi.

Rating of Actors Performances- 2*/5

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Dhadak Movie  – Direction Review

Shashank Khaitan direction is good in the first half. But his direction in the second half completely vanished the movie. He is a mature director with two big hits but he failed to engage the audience in the second half with most of the boring scenes.

I will go with 2* out of 5 for Direction of the movie.

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Rating of Direction- 2*/5

Dhadak –Music/Background Score Review

The music of Ajay- Atul and background score of John Stewart Eduri is the only part of Dhadak which is consistently good throughout the movie. All the songs are extremely good and the background score is amazing. The title track of the movie ‘Dhadak’ is amazing. You will love it.

I will go with 4* out of 5 for the music and background score of the movie.

Rating of Music/Background score- 4*/5

Last Word For Dhadak

Dhadak is a love story which could be much better in the second half. But the second half is really disappointing. Still, it is a one-time watch movie for its music, beautiful location of Udaipur, the beautiful first half of the movie and some really amazing scenes between Ishaan and Janhvi in the first half.

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